Migrants, Meloni announces repression and defends the agreement with dictator Said: “There are those in Europe who are against it, but the government is compact”

Before 18 months V repatriate detention centers for those who will come illegal in Italy. New KPR that, as the Prime Minister announces Georgia Meloniwill be built in “area with very low population density“. New government measures to manage migration flows, with the Council of Ministers giving the green light to the construction of new administrative detention centers where non-EU citizens who do not have a permanent residence document or who have already received a residence permit, are being held in exile. “Two proposals that will be included in DL South so that they come into force immediately,” Meloni foresaw.

“Today in the Council of Ministers we are preparing to implement very important measures. We will introduce – explains the Prime Minister – a change in the period of detention in detention centers for the repatriation of those who enter Italy illegally, which will be increased to the maximum limit allowed by current European rules: 6 months with the possibility of extension for another 12, for a total of 18 months.“. The detention period for asylum seekers is already 12 months and, as Palazzo Chigi says, “it will not be changed, but will come into force through the creation of the necessary detention centers for everyone who lands illegally in Italy, including asylum seekers.”

“Therefore, it is always necessary,” Meloni explained, “not only to carry out the necessary checks, but also to begin the repatriation of those who are not entitled to international protection. In addition,” he added, “today we will give a mandate Ministry of Defence create structures to detain illegal immigrants as quickly as possible. Years of immigration policy have led to the fact that today there are very few available places in Italy in the PRC. The new CPRs that will be built, he announces, will need to be located in areas with very low population densities and be easily perimeter guarded and monitored. No more will be created anxiety and insecurity in Italian cities.”

At a meeting of the Council of Ministers next week, the government will consider the issue unaccompanied minors: “Our goal is to protect genuine minors, to avoid, as is currently the case, that through simple self-certification anyone can be included in schemes targeting minors. We are working and will include in the next decree rules providing differentiated channels for women, children and under 14 years old, to whom all protection will be guaranteed.” According to the Prime Minister, today’s measures confirm that “on these issues, as on many others, all the center-right have the same vision and that everyone is working in the same direction, despite what we read and try to say these days.” . In conclusion, Meloni also announces that at the next informal meeting of the European Council in October, “Italy will ask other Member States to take the necessary and consistent decisions, especially with regard to blocking illegal exit from North Africa.”

On the one hand, the defense of one’s government, on the other hand, the usual attack on the European Union, including because elections are scheduled for June, and the demandfarce agreement (taking into account the results of last week on Lampedusa) signed with Tunisian dictator Kais Said together with EU Commission President Urusla von der Leyen and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “It is regrettable to note,” notes Meloni, “that part of the Italian and European political forces, for ideological reasons or, even worse, for political calculations, are fighting against and doing everything possible to destroy the work being done. I am referring to the letter from the High Representative for European Foreign Policy. Borrell, to the calls of European socialists and to the positions of various representatives of the left, but not only. All actions going in the same direction are aimed at proving that none of the countries North Africa it is a safe state with which it is possible to negotiate to stop departures or repatriation of illegal immigrants. Essentially, the will of the European left is to make mass illegal immigration inevitable.”

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