Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau, family vacation after judicial decision

Despite tensions between their ex-partners, Miguel Bosse and Nacho Palau decided to put their differences aside for the sake of their children and spend a few days together on vacation in Mallorca. In 2018, the singer and sculptor announced their divorce after more than 26 years of marriage and four children via surrogacy. A bitter confrontation ensued between the couple, which they aired publicly and ended up in court over custody of their children.

Last May, the Supreme Court ruled that the two minors were not siblings because two were registered in one parent’s name and the other two in the other’s name. Although they grew up together, the separation meant Diego stayed in Mexico with Tadeo and Miguel Bosse, while Ivo and Telmo traveled to Spain with Palau. The Valencians therefore tried from the outset to have the paternity of the four children recognized by both parents, but the High Court ruled that for this they had to adopt the minor before separating. Regardless, he admits the kids are actually family.

In addition, one of the measures taken by the court ruling is to let the children spend the holidays together. This has been the case since the four minors spent a few days in Palma de Mallorca in the company of Miguel Bosse and Nacho Palau. The six live in a house in Manacor, in a privileged location that allows them to enjoy their long-awaited privacy and enjoy long-awaited meetings without the attention of the curious and the media.

In recent years, Bosse has chosen the Balearic Islands as his summer retreat. This time, in addition to enjoying the sea, the pool, nature and evenings with his friends, he was able to take the children to the tennis school of Rafa Nadal, a famous and successful player in Manacor.

Even so, the singer has not yet escaped the shock and had to go to the Roetger clinic in Palma because of problems with his vocal cords. It’s Bosé’s voice that’s been worrying his admirers lately, as his dental disease left him with chronic sinusitis for eight years. He’s moved out of that phase as much as a head-on confrontation with his ex-partner, though after a few days together, the relationship isn’t as rocky as one might think.

Bosser’s recent review of his life by writing a memoir and preparing a biographical documentary has led him to a new phase. “This is how this long period ends, resolves and makes peace, and I’m deeply grateful for that, and for this life I’ve chosen and how special it is. Now I’m starting another job,” he admitted recently .

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