Miguel Herrera promotes millionaire roasted


America, as the rest of the teams in the Liga MX, has stopped activities by the Coronavirus, but one of the members of the Eagles, Miguel Herrera, has been active in social networks during the quarantine period.

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This time, the technical America shared on networks, a video in which he is seen preparing a “roast” cuts from Australia, Japan, and even Salmon of Canada.

Not everything is bad in the running of the bulls, there is because go bad the quarantine“said Herrera in the video on the presumption that the meat that you purchased and that in responses points to have done by supporting their friends restaurant in the middle of the crisis by the Covid-19.

The responses to the publication of the exentrenador of the Mexican, were different, while some commented on how “beneficial”, or “invite to the barbecue,” others pointed to by a “humble” in relation to the type of cuts, other invited him to donate to food pantries.

The approximate cost of some of the foods that showed on the spit Herrera are the following:

Salmon of Canada: Steak with premium leather (360 pesos 1 kilo) / Fillet of Salmon (580 pesos 1 kilo).

Wagyu: Ribeye Wagyu A5 (900 pesos 200 grams) / Ribeye Wagyu F1 BMS-5 (900 pesos to 600 grams).

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