Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher fall after defending convicted rapist

The apology video, which did not allow commenting, was subject to all sorts of criticism. Filmed outside the couple’s home (the background is made from wooden planks they’ve used in other campaigns). Both actors admit they made a mistake and say they are “aware of the pain they caused.” with letters in defense of Masterson. “We stand with the victims,” Kunis said. “This is what we have achieved over time through our work and will continue to do so in the future.” Kutcher explained that the recordings were sent at the request of Masterson’s family and were not intended to “undermine the trust” of the victims.

But time was of the essence. Actress Christina Ricci she was candid on her Instagram profile: “Discrediting victims is a crime (…) Believe the victims. It’s not easy to say. It’s not easy to get a conviction.” One of the victims also criticized the couple on his networks, and several Internet users are exhuming videos from those years that criticize the chauvinistic behavior of both Masterson and Kutcher himself. In any case, the most unanimous criticism was that he sided with his attacker and only apologized after the final verdict.

An apology that was not enough for many: Both actors never condemn Masterson or the actions he committed, nor do they clearly distance themselves from his figure. They simply accept the “legitimacy” of the justice system and the jury’s verdict. And they only apologize to victims if the letters hurt them, other than the summary message at the end of the video: “Our hearts go out to all people who have been victims of abuse, sexual assault or rape.”

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