Milan will soon have a new belvedere at a height of 145 meters.

Listen Listen. City life will no longer be the only area with large buildings. A new skyscraper will appear in Milan. The project was already presented in 2020 and now it looks like work is about to begin. Construction sites should open towards the end of the year or fall. Interestingly, the Milan building will also have Belvedere open to the public where you can enjoy a unique view.

But where in Milan will this new skyscraper with an observation deck be located? High Colossus 145 meters will be built on the territory roman gate forever changing the face of the region. It will be one of the tallest in the city with an egg-shaped base and all-glass walls.

Not only the skyline of Milan will change, but also the area on which the building will rise, as various reconstruction works are planned, according to the drawings shown in Town Hall 5, primarily the area around the skyscraper. Trento Square where the colossus will be.

New skyscraper with belvedere in Milan

Photo: render by Luxigon via

The building will house the company’s offices. A2A, a company known for generating and distributing electricity in the area, as well as providing other utilities. Tower A2A will be able to accommodate approx. 1500 peopleall employees of the company. In the middle of the structure garden real open on one side and on the top floor, about 145 meters high, new observation deck open to everyone.

The project of the building was developed by the architectural bureau. Antonio Citterio AND Patricia wil. At the moment, there is no exact date for the start of work. The work will almost certainly be completed before 2026, the year of the Winter Olympics.

Milan is a city that is constantly growing, renewing and modernizing. Skyscrapers are a prime example of a city that is growing and progressing. Some may balk at the news, but there’s no denying that it could be good for the city, given that the project will also lead to improvements in the area, and a new belvedere in Milan is always something exciting. Milan from above is magical.

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