Milano Pride 2023, Parade and Concert

Another great event comes to an end: the parade milan gaurav 2023 ends at the Arco della Pace with thousands of participants. Amidst music, dancing, hugging, singing, slogans and banners, the procession invaded the city and colored some of the Lombard capital’s most important streets. There LGBTQ+ Community (and not only) thus raises its voice and calls on the government to recognize equal rights for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Milan Pride 2023: Live Coverage

7.00 pm – the parade ends milan gaurav 2023Thousands of people participated in the program. The attendance exceeded expectations. At this point, various speeches by politicians and non-politicians begin on the stage under the Arco della Pace.

18.45 – After passing the procession reaches its final destination Arco della Pace via della Liberazione, via Melchiorre Gioia, Piazza XXV April, Bastioni di Porta Volta, Viale Elvezia, Arena, Viale Byron, Viale Melzi d’Erile and Corso Sempione. There is a platform here, where various interventions take place.

18.00 –
The parade continues with great fervor and invades other areas of Milan. More and more participants are joining, despite the heat and the scorching sun, which still makes itself felt. From Alessandro Zahn to Eli Schlein: several left-wing and centre-left politicians who issue statements attacking the Meloni government and accusing it of discrimination.

17.40 – the wedding procession arrives new door, another central point of the city. Then it moves towards Viale Alvezia in the Sempione-Arco della Pace area.

17.00 Many people from elders to children were present in today’s Milano Pride 2023. The parade runs smoothly. “Love doesn’t end in court” This is the writing that appears on the banner posted by Rainbow Families. But also “Equal rights for all*”, “More lemons, less melons”, “Italy, wake up!”, “Recognize me, equality and rights”. in the background Song by Elodie, Orietta Berti, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Annalisa, Paola & Chiara and many more.

4.20 pm – The procession officially begins in Piazza della Repubblica Gaurav Milan 2023. At the head of the train are many representatives of gay families who are fighting for the identity of their children these days. There are about 30 tableaux in total. There’s no shortage of PD, Movimento 5 Stella, + Europa and Sinistra Italiana parties. There is also CGIL.

3.50 pm – President Sig Archie Milano with Alice Radelli opening speech: « It has certainly been a year that has brought the LGBT+ emergency and minority rights back into the news. This year we remember more than ever that Pride is a political act, an expression of pride and visibility for our community. Today more than ever it is necessary to be there, we will not remain in the shadows ».

3.45 pm – Mayor Beppe SalaMust be absent due to personal reasons as per what is learned.

15.00 Hundreds of people are already present on the way to Pisani. Rainbow flags, glitter and banners are waving. The music is already on. The atmosphere is pleasant and colourful. The PD’s national secretary is expected to be in the front row for the soon-to-start procession, Elis Radelli, next to CIG president Archie Milano and Famigli Arcobaleno. Eli Shleen,

2.30 pm
Milan is ready to welcome this great event dedicated to the Rainbow community. people start gathering via Vittorio PisaniOpposite Central Station.

Milano Pride 2023, Parade Route

parade, which will bring the streets of Milan to life, Begins with meeting at Central Station at 15.00, At 16.00 the procession will start from Piazza Repubblica, then continue via Viale Monte Santo, Bastione di Porta Nuova, Piazza XXV Aprile, Bastione di Porta Volta, Viale Elvezia and Arena Civica to the Arco della Pace. The final event is scheduled from 18.30 until midnight in the Arco della Pace, for which a large stage has been set up.

Milan Pride Square 2023
milan gaurav 2023

Milano Pride 2023, guest of the finale

Several events will be organized on the stage followed by a mega concert with artistes Baby’s To queen ayanecome on coma_things To ARISpassing through orietta berti, conducted by Marta Pizzogallo, Alessio Viola, Elena Di Ciocco, Paolo Camilli, Victoria Cabello. Also expected to speak on the stage are Daniele Gattano, Deborah Villa, Valentina Petrillo, Stefania Rocca, Francesca Cavallo and Simone Eliva.

Milan Pride 2023, Ordinance of the Municipality

during the parade, The municipality has issued an ordinance, which will be in force from 17.00 today till 1.00 on Sunday 25th June, The ordinance provides for a ban on starting or selling in Piazza Sempione and Parco Sempione, where the procession will end (and in the surrounding areas within a radius of 200 meters). Glass bottles or other containers, covered plastic bottles and cans, Use of selfie sticks, firecrackers, fireworks and similar substances, stinging sprays etc. are also prohibited. municipal decision It also prohibits the sale and consumption of spirits outside public establishments. and traveling trade (street food).

milan gaurav 2023
milan gaurav 2023

Milano Pride 2023, how the road system is changing

On the occasion of the parade, ATM announced that some lines may be slowed down, terminated before the terminus or temporarily re-routed to allow the demonstration to pass from 2.00 p.m. These are trams 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 33 and buses 43, 57, 60, 81 and 94., Real time updates on service changes will be provided on the ATM app and Twitter account.

Milano Pride 2023, Organizer

Milano Pride is organized by CIG Archie MilanCoordination of LGBTQIA+ associations of Milan and the Metropolitan City, with the patronage of the European Commission, the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Municipality of Milan and other internal municipalities, in collaboration with other associations of the Rainbow Coordination.

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