Miley Cyrus and a new song about her past

THATand all these years of career, Miley Cyrus has taught her audience not to get attached to an overly defined image of herself and her artistic career.. Her forays into country, rock and punk, for example, have kept her from being considered a “simple” pop star, one of those who tend to repeat past hits, changing lyrics and concepts here and there. Now the artist has released his new long-awaited single called Used to be young. A song with which he tries to come to terms with his past. And invites everyone to do it with her.

Miley Cyrus, the most beautiful images of pop rock icon

Miley Cyrus, the most beautiful images of pop rock icon

Used to be young and this is my favorite video

The ballad that made the artist famous for his role in Hanna Montana – The publication is really interesting. And those who know his artistic career can see in this passage: important point of awareness.

The song, co-written with Michael Pollack and Gregory “Aldae” Hine, reads: “I know I was crazy, I know I was funny, you say I was wild, I say I was young.” It’s also: “You tell me that time has changed me It’s ok because it was a good trip. I know I was crazy and that’s because I was young“. In the music video for the song, Miley looks straight at the camera with all the power she can muster. He also runs away from her. some tearsfor to look at one’s past with such tenderness is an act of great courage.

Miley Cyrus on March 9, 2023 at the Versace Fashion Show in West Hollywood. Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images

Song written “When I felt misunderstood”

According to rolling stoneSpeaking specifically about the video, the artist explained, “It’s so exciting because I’m kind of like my mother’s mini-me and thanks to technology, I could see her inside the camera while I sang. She danced and made me cry. He made me laugh. It evoked real emotion. Here you are… The idea was to evoke real emotions in people, which is rare today.“.

Used to be youngThus, it is an interesting view, halfway between the past and the future. A work written almost two years ago, when “I felt misunderstood”, “wants honor who we were, love who we are, celebrate who we will be. I remember the past with pride and feel optimistic when I think about the future.”

On Instagram, the singer (who, with her eighth album Endless summer holidays released in March, it reached #3 on the charts. Billboard 200) wrote to introduce this new song. “I spent 18 months creating a soundscape of my vision to share with you. It’s time to release a song that I could perfect forever.“.

And concluded: “Even if my work is over, this song will be written every day. The fact that it remains unfinished is part of its beauty. This is life right now… incomplete, but complete.”

Miley Cyrus, bridesmaid at her mother’s wedding

Last weekend Tish Cyrussinger’s mother, married a star Jail break Dominic Purcell. According to daily mail, Miley is going to be her mother’s bridesmaidat a ceremony in Malibu.

The couple announced their engagement in an Instagram post. Tish actually posted a post saying, “A thousand times… YES.” All with a mark on the actor’s profile. And with obvious reference to upcoming wedding.


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