Miley Cyrus and Will Smith, who stars in the overall, must be added to the Dolly Parton the Challenge


On Tuesday, the country music singer has released on his Twitter account with a picture split into four, with the message: “Consiguete a woman who can do it all“. I was referring to the pictures, which showed the costumes of the different considered that is, in accordance with the purposes of the following social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

The first, which is what would be the purpose of the to convey a professional imagethis corresponds to a photo-taking-a-bag gray, white handkerchief, and the pencil in the ear, while the breaking of a board. For Facebook chose the most current, it looks like a jumper for christmas, with the words “Holly Dolly”, while in the Instagram has released a snapshot of the court, perhaps, the most artistic: being young, black and white, and with an electric guitar. Finally, the chosen one, to start dating, Tinder it was on the cover of Playboy magazine in 1978in which he used the then-traditional-costume-of – bunny.

The effect was the case. Since then, artists from different generations, such as Miley Cyrus and Will Smith going by the players of the game-theSergio Ramos of Real Madrid– up to scientific programmes such as the The Mars Rover (NASA), to name a few, have signed on to the initiative, which has come to be known as the ” Dolly Parton Challenge Dolly Parton-in the English language?).

The following are some of the global stars that have released their own versions of the challenge: