Miley, Cyrus, are you pregnant? | DiarioShow


When the noise sounds, it is because of some thing that brings with it, says the classical adage. We can match you up with the rumors of the pregnancy involving a Miley Cyrus in the last few hours.

For months, the separation of the Liam Hemsworththe singer has found love for the grace of the australian Cody Simpsonwith the one who shows himself to be very happy and in love on the social networks.

The relationship of the march from strength to strength, so much so that sources close to the performer telling you that you have a great desire to be a mother by the side of the 23-year-old.

In addition to this, I would have told you that you would need for a baby “very soon,” what makes you believe that the actress is already in the sweet waiting.

Through Instagram, the fans of miley Cyrus and noticed that it shows a profile of the most maternal and family-oriented. At this time, there will be a wait if you deny or confirm the happy news.

Miley and Cody, you guys are the parents?

Miley and Cody, you guys are the parents?