Miley Cyrus confesses that Hilary Duff inspired her to do Hannah Montana


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In the middle of the quarantine by pandemic coronavirus, Miley Cyrus initiated a program of interviews through Instagram entitled Bright Mindedduring a recent broadcast, the singer thanked to the actress Hilary Duff by be your inspiration to enter the world of the performance and urge you to do the casting of children’s series Hannah Montana.

During the clips online, the actress also invited to Hilary Duff and he took the opportunity to make a controversial revelation, as Cyrus ensures that she attended the casting Hannah Montana“just to be able to imitate it”, at that time Duff protagonizaba the series Lizzie McGuire, popular among the young teens.

“I want to confess to you that I went to a concert of yours when I was eleven years old dressed with a skirt plaid pleated boots Uggs just because you used to dress yourself as well”, he explained before showing the unveiling.

“I didn’t care to be an actress or singer, I just wanted to copiarte in all, what I wanted was to be able to do any thing that you had done you. So I want to thank you for keeping me inspired. Never would be sitting here now had it not been for you. Your you have taught me the way to go”, he confessed.

Hilary Duff he replied: “first of all, tell you that you are very friendly and I feel that I’ve known you a long time. Listen to you say that has made me feel that you really are a light and you’ve been very brave for taking so many risky decisions in life. You, yes you are an inspiration to all of us,” he said.

The confession of Miley it was rated by its fans, through comments in the link, as “iconic”, in addition, were not slow to applaud the revelation of the interpreter “We Can’t Stop” and the words of Hilary Duff.

The artist of 27 years, he has made a series of broadcasts, in which he has shared talks in video call personalities such as businesswoman Paris Hilton and the singer Dua Lipa.