Miley Cyrus entrusted, not to have to be shorts and bikinis, and mocked over the years due to


People and royalty

After his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, which were mocked by many, swept across the social networks. Particularly strongly affected, Miley Cyrus has decided to stop wearing short pants for several years.

More and more voices rise up against cyber-bullying and call for the environment caring online. Especially the stars of the song or the film are at risk will not hesitate to talk to more, the influence of social networks on mental health.

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In the middle of the period of retention in the United States, the singer Miley Cyrus has a talk show everyday, since she and her parents (where she lives during the backup) with the title ” Bright-Minded “, or “guards of spirit” in English. Every day the participants (to discuss via Skype) receives” by the way, remain illuminated by the love in difficult times “she explains on Instagram.

I felt so bad that I have to wear a bikini for about two years.

In his second episode, in which the singer Lovato for a half hour, exchanged with Demi. In particular, it has transferred itself to the fact that you had stopped wearing bikinis highlighted because of the ridicule in social networks after his performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 Pure People. “ In fact, I have not worn shorts for 2 or 3 years. I stopped wearing skirts on stage and all, because, according to the Video Music Awards, ( … ), everyone has me in comparison with a Turkey. I was very thin and the people listening to it always post pictures of me with a Turkey, and I felt so bad that I have to wear a bikini for about two years.

Victims of violent attacks, after you moderated the ceremony in a set of two-bedroom, beige-latex, the singer was 20 years old at the time – was very touched. ” No one thought that I felt bad about it. This has me really, really hurts, that one makes fun of my body as it is. And it has life really is my private affected “she explains in the video. Demi Lovato was also a victim of the social networks. Pure People remembers, the young woman had decided to leave after an overdose almost fatal, in July 2018.

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