Miley Cyrus, Everyone Loves Her Song: The Meaning

Shot from the latest video of Miley Cyrus
A still from Miley Cyrus’ latest video: everyone loves it – Thanks to Miley Cyrus (

Published a few days ago, Miley Cyrus’ new single “Used to be Young” conquers many subscribers, even among supervip fans.

Has a name Used to be young And him Miley Cyrus new singleone of the most anticipated works in a very busy 2023 release agenda.

A controversial, often even transgressive, singer who suddenly cut ties with her past of teenage Disney productions. Miley Cyrus confirmation awaited after the success of her latest work.

Miley Cyrus new single

Used to be young somehow confirms her talent not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter with a truly delightful reverence that speaks of family, roots and identity.

The video was an immediate smash success across all platforms with tens of millions of plays in just a few hours. Miley Cyrus puts herself in her mother’s shoes.

Miley Cyrus documentary
Miley Cyrus on the set of her latest documentary – Photo by Miley Cyrus (

A kind of retrospective look with the conscience of that time, with awareness and gratitude to those who made us who we are: “This song is about honoring who we were, loving who we have become, and celebrating who we will be.” the singer says. Who pays an extremely important and significant tribute to their lineage with this passage: “I am proud when I reflect on my past and feel optimistic when I think about the future. I am grateful to my loyal fans who make my dreams come true every day.”

amazing video

As for the video clip, the script is very clear, emotionally rich and very simple. One long look at her dressed as if as a teenager, she played Hannah Montana. A face flooded with tears, a serene, but at the same time melancholy look. One chapter of life closes, another opens. And often each factor is closely related to the other.

Video “I used to be young”

Simultaneously with the release of the single, a special documentary called Endless Summer Vacation: Sequel (Backyard Activities) enriched with a very long exclusive interview.

Tribute to Diana Keaton

At that time Used to be young seems to be accepted not only by the public, for which Miley Cyrus he addresses. But also to many women who saw in this song a magnificent and very tender tribute to previous generations of women. Among them is 77-year-old Diane Keaton, who posted on her social networks a very delicate collage in which the actress appears in various black and white vintage photographs in the notes of the song’s chorus: “I know I was crazy, I know I was funny, you used to tell me I was a little wild, today I’m just saying I was younger…”

a few months later Diane Keaton, four Oscar nominations and a 1977 statuette for Annie Hallalready posted a video in which she danced to the music Flowers.

A beautiful reflection on the song that Miley Cyrus says was the result of long-term webcam surveillance of her mother that kept them connected, especially during the pandemic.

New album coming soon

Used to be young Miley Cyrus’ first unreleased song since the album’s release in March Endless summer holidays which contains a double platinum hit in Italy. Flowers, River and Jade.

Flowerswith 4 billion streams, is by far the fastest song to reach 500 million streams on Spotify. Used to be young instead occurs shortly before the 10th anniversary bangers3-platinum album by Miley Cyrus, which included such hits as Wrecking Ball we can’t stop and we love you. In honor of the anniversary, a new limited edition vinyl release will be released in September with new packaging, previously unseen photos and a bonus track.

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