Miley Cyrus reflects on her death and in her new music video for the song


Miley Cyrus it was always a young girl, who sets his seal, the characteristic is in all of the places you will go, and now, with the announcement of the new music you are going to do a lot in the near future, your the father he gave her comment on your the next project. Billy Ray Cyrus it was overwhelming at revealing what is going to make his debut is something quite “insane”.

The former star of Disneyrecently he was embroiled in many problems, heart, on the dimes and diretes, but all in all, this has helped us in the form of a the inspiration to still be active within the the music industry and write down all of your experiences new music you have a very happy fan.

The singer, 27-year-old has revealed that he is preparing the new album and that is one of the videos pertaining to it will be represented on their own deathand how would it be your very own funeralhis father, Billy Ray Cyrusdid not take long for the comments US Weekly it was thought that the music video her daughter wasridiculously insanethe ‘e ‘it would be very nice‘.

Miley Cyrus it has a lot of fans who are waiting for the blonde bombshell gift music the views and opinions of the content and the concept of video they were varied, but always waiting for the singer to come back triumphant in the music industry.

What do you think of the upcoming video for the Music?

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