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Miley Cyrus’ Self-Love Elixir: ‘Endless Summer Vacation’

The American singer has released her eighth studio album which has already achieved, with the single “Flowers”, an astonishing global success

A new beginning

Exactly ten years have passed since the release of “Wrecking ball”, song by a rebel Miley Cyrus in search of her own musical identity divided between the image of a soap and water girl in Hanna Montana that had made her famous, to the one that was slowly taking shape as she grew not only in terms of age, but also artistically speaking.

It was a long and extremely tumultuous period, in which the American artist sought his own self through very different experiments of beats, featuring, combinations of different musical genres and a purely aesthetic aspect. But what actually transpired from all this chaos is that Miley was still looking for her place in the world.

The years of lockdown and the closure of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth gave birth to a new Miley Cyrus and a respectable musical project that finally does justice to the incredible voice, talent, but above all to the person of Miley herself.

Endless Summer Vacation

The artist opens a new chapter in his career through his new album “Endless Summer Vacation”the eighth studio album released on March 10, 2023 by record labels Smiley Miley

, Inc. and Columbia Recordsand conquers with its twelve songs and respectable featuring with Is and the singer-songwriter Brandi Carlilethe top of more than thirty countries.

AND “Flowers” the single that opens the doors to the public of “Endless Summer Vacation”: the song, clearly dedicated to her ex-husband, underlines Miley’s psychological evolution in which sentimental individualism and the psycho-physical wellbeing before anything else they dominate.

The lyrics of this song are a clear manifesto to suffice and has reached every corner of the planet. The entire CD revolves around this theme, as well as unconditional self love. Even the album cover created by the photographer Brianna Capozzi it shows a super fit, but above all super confident Miley: clinging like a trapeze artist to a metal bar, suspended in the air, with all the strength she has in her body, demonstrating that the unknown no longer frightens her.

The album, defined a love letter in Los Angeles, the city where the artist was born and raised for better or for worse, is divided into twelve tracks and contains them in two macro-categories from which all the facets of the singer’s character shine through, so as to suggest that the letter she is talking about is addressed to herself.

AMwhich leaks light and positivity, is the first act and has a folk background, tending towards country that recalls Miley’s origins. pm instead it is glamorous, wild and brings with it synthetic sounds, electronic tending towards psychedelic although filtered into pop and are the backdrop for crazy nights around the city.

Password: love

“It is human nature to want to give and receive love. Showing your love is always special, but it’s crucial to keep some of that love for yourself. You are enough, the rest is extra.”

It is with the words of Miley Cyrus posted for the day of Saint Valentine that we want to leave you listening to his new album in full, remembering how much it is extremely fundamental taking care of your own mental health and arrive at full awareness of oneself and one’s own worth. You can shine in your own light again with the right tools, accepting and welcoming all parts of us. In this way, just like Miley, she can manage to overcome even the most difficult and painful moments that life throws at us.

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