Miley Cyrus shows her nipple by accident in New York city


On the 12th of February, Miley Cyrus has debuted as a model on the catwalk for Marc Jacobs, the collection FW20becoming the star of the show, and stealing all of the attention.

For a special occasion Miley took it to an outfit, almost black, in its entirety,when you wear pants to the waist, pointy boots, a sports bra made of satin with a v-neck and V-shaped, with a current of silver at the neck, long sleeves fake leather, and the two bags of different sizes.

As you might expect, there were lots of paparazzi photographers waiting for the singer to north american, after leaving the fashion show of talented designer from new york city, and for the patterns, and (most likely) Cyrus has changed her outfit quickly and he decided not to go back to, not thinking that the top would be experiencing a wardrobe malfunction, that it has become viral.

As I was walking up with the red boots, black pants and a sexy top for the stripes, and that was even with a scarf, and was discovered in his abdomen from the impact Miley walked in the intermediate of the photo and showed it to her nipple by accidentafter the top move around a bit, and leave it at the fact that the actress was in another one of her braless days.

How did you feel Miley Cyrus ‘ following the death of her nipples, with her sweater?

With the security of, and the manner in which they differ, then the interpretation of ‘Wrecking Ball’, he shared in the Instagram a gallery of photos, including the one which was the exact time that he left up in the air the one.