Miley Cyrus sings her version of “Used to Be Young”

After the planetary success of his Flowers, Miley Cyrus is back to please fans with a new single (and official video) titled Used to be young.

Describing this new work, motto – mindfulness: owned transit timeversions the singer is different from the pastFrom a future that should be written with extreme optimism.

If you think you’ll meet Miley Cyrus intent on arguing, as has often happened in years past, you’ll be disappointed. And again, it’s the music that will make people talk about it.

video in just three days it surpassed ten million viewstaking a stable place among Youtube trends.

In the text “I used to be young” – cite this MoviePlayer article – Miley Cyrus recalls the years of her life and career when she spent time at parties, and states that she does not regret this experience, despite finding new meaning in life with age.“.

Song about “honor who we were, love who we are, and celebrate who we will become– said the singer.

A tearful song that will be announced as a success next fall.

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