Miley Cyrus spoke about the terrible panic attacks caused by the series

The famous American singer, songwriter and actress appeared in a dystopian interior, in particular, in the third episode of the fifth season, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.”

Black mirror certainly one of the most fascinating television series of recent years: we are talking about a series created, in particular, in 2011 by the famous Charlie Brooker (Dead set, Newswipe), giving rise to a disturbing anthology whose narrative and theme centers on a distorted and dystopian future in which humanity is slowly being worn out by technology. So each episode actually explores a different topic, going into more and more detail, even if in fact the last few seasons have been a little different than usual, definitely focusing a lot more on the present rather than the future. However, right in the fifth season (which was released on Netflix on June 5, 2019), we saw the episode Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, in which the famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus played a very unique character.

Black mirror debuted in the first season in 2011.

Black Mirror - cameraman

In this episode Black mirror, in fact, Cyrus plays post-artist Ashley O, an artist who lives under the oppression of an aunt who wants to personally control her celebrity at all costs. All of this causes her aunt to try to kill her, causing Ashley to fall into a coma. Well, in a recent appearance on his personal profile TIK Tak (as ComicBook reports) the young artist herself explained why the episode in question gave her panic attacks.

“I was filming Black Mirror and while I was there, a fire broke out in Malibu. I was in South Africa, but this episode was set in Malibu, so it was just a real trip. Two or three years after it happened, I didn’t realize it, but I had a panic attack with a vision in which I was strapped to a gurney. I had these dreams every time I went to a performance, and I thought that it was just a disturbing vision that had no meaning… But in fact, while my house was burning, I was tied to a stretcher, my hands were handcuffed and tied to reading (about the filming of “Black Mirror”). I found out that my house burned down, and it was the next day (of filming).

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