Miley Cyrus wishes you a “happy day of the vagina” with a quirky video


One post after another, always in bold Miley Cyrus he was in charge of breaking down the nets with his witty statements and images. From the flashazo your the one that Instagram has decided not to oppose adoptioneven in the blazing the invitation to the day on Valentine’s day, with a snippet of the video the one that has left many gasping for air.

Now the exestrella Disney she shared another quirky video, where her red lips are the main characters, along with the English language, making gestures that could be considered erotic. But, the most disturbing of the publication, which was in the description that you have decided to go with it.

The “happy day’s”vagina, he wrote for the singer in your post Instagram, this is part of an advertising campaign, as well as the famous brand name of MAC cosmetics.

The publication, with the nearly a million and a half views it caused a lot of furor on the net. Leading to a plethora of comments, some of which are also asking him or her to make new music the thing that Miley has been in the previous days, and that it will pass.