Miley Cyrus, you will be working on a series, ‘Hannah Montana’?


In an exclusive interview with Billy Ray Cyrus, father of Miley Cyrus, it reveals that the Walt Disney is preparing a new edition of the highly successful series, Hannah Montana.. The giant american company, has launched its streaming platform in the past year in the country, and, since then non-stop to produce new and fresh content.

The entertainment company you want to go back to retrieve all of her friends to the blast. Have already announced that they are working on a new series, Lizzie McGuire, with all of the original actors. And now it is well known that they are looking to do the same The Hannah Montana.

Billy Ray Cyrus he confirmed that I would be happy to get back into the series: “I would do it without thinking. Because of this, it means that I can get my greñas”.

However, the idea would be to do this a series to show you how to Music and decided to become a She and hide their identity. For this reason, theería harder that Miley Cyrus was included in the series. The most likely cause is that you will seek for a small actress to play the young Hannah Montana.

Also, we don’t know if Music would you like to be involved in a project that walt Disney gave to the poor relationship with the family.That is, maybe, the us audiovisual sector would not want to relate to Miley Cyrus your brand, after all, what has changed since you first started writing them. Most recently, she returned to share her video of when you when you smoked a joint live on the delivery of the prize.

Billy Ray Cyrus you have the pleasure of continuing to work after the super-success of this year’s the remix of the song “Old time Road” with rapper Lil ‘ On the X In the song, as well as having broken the record for weeks at no. 1 he has managed to win 2 Grammy awards with the collaboration of the.