Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi are getting married

One selfie in the mirror at home in the arms of her boyfriend is enough for her to get more than five million likes and an infinite number of hearts on Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown does it: age 19, became a celebrity as Eleven/Jane Hopper in very strange things, the actress retained the freshness of her youth. Of course, since 2016 (the year the first season of the cult Netflix series was released), the girl has grown up, and not bad either. But deep down, she remained true to herself. Even in romantic relationships.

Linked to 2021 Jake Bongiovi, the third son of rock icon Jon Bon Jovi, she accepted his marriage proposal last April. Since then, every clue posted has been x-rayed.

Before Millie Bobby Brown’s wedding

At the moment there was a big engagement in June last year, she was wearing a lace double dress from Giambattista Valli, which already looked like a wedding outfit. The truth is, however, yes, we have to wait: after all, these two are very young (he’s 21) and even dad Jon Bon Jovi made it clear, “Age doesn’t matter.” In other words: take it easy.

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Responsibilities of Millie Bobby Brown at work

Meanwhile, the girl concentrates on work. Challenged by directors and producers hungry for success, the actress has a full schedule of professional commitments. Cinematography and beyond. Really stands out news of the arrival of his first book: nineteen stepsa story inspired by her grandmother’s life and set in wartime London in 1942. The novel will be released on September 12th., now available to order, will tell the story of an eighteen-year-old Londoner’s unexpected love adventures, destined for a good boy moment where everything will be called into question by the arrival of an American pilot. “A very personal story of love, loss and longing, inspired by my family’s experiences during World War II,” Millie said.

However, in terms of acting, we know that the final season very strange things strikes in Hollywood are behind schedule and will likely be pushed back to 2025.

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But Netflix has put several episodes on hold, including girl, a work starring an actress as a princess dealing with princes and dragons. The film is actually ready and finished, it was supposed to be released on October 13th. But the streaming giant may have blocked its release. provide an adequate advertising campaign. In fact, the actors who joined the strikes are not allowed on the set, they cannot give interviews and attend premieres. A real shame in the case of Millie Bobby Brown, who is able to attract society hearts and adoring fans (in the flesh) before the red carpet.

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