Millie Bobby Brown is already planning a film adaptation of her novel

Millie Bobby Brown is making her publishing debut with her first novel, The Nineteen Steps, and is already working on having it turned into a film.

Millie Bobby Brown not only has he already written debut novelbut also plans his own film adaptation. The actress especially captivated the Netflix audience thanks to her role in Stranger Things where she played the fearless Eleven. But, being well connected to the current reality, she had the opportunity to interpret what was happening. younger sister of Sherlock Holmes, Enola, in two films of the saga based on the literary series of the same name. The future holds great promise for the young actress, who is apparently already working on a film based on her debut novel.

Millie Bobby Brown wants to turn her novel into a film

While planning her wedding, Millie Bobby Brown has some big new things to figure out in her life, including a novel that’s ready to be published and may soon be getting a film adaptation. Main character girl on Netflix, according to Comic the actress was also involved in another film by the Russo brothers called Electric State, this would end production. Millie Bobby Brown is the main character, the story is taken from the graphic novel of the same name by Simon StÃ¥lenhag. Meanwhile, the Stranger Things actress has already made her intentions clear. His debut novel entitled Nineteen steps, is a project that is especially close to her heart as the story told is inspired by the story of her grandmother Ruth. Thinking about the future, under microphones Lorraine through Digital Spy Millie Bobby Brown spoke about her desire to turn it into a film:

Yes, sure. That was the intention. Of course, I just want to go deeper into the discussion and this seems like a great starting point. My grandmother told me stories when I couldn’t sleep at night, and I think for a while, maybe until I was eight, I didn’t believe they were real. Then at some point I realized that what he was telling me actually happened in his childhood, during the Second World War.

Millie Bobby Brown’s book has been at the center of debate in recent weeks. It seems that the actress chose to rely on one person. ghost writer develop your debut novel. His name is Kathleen McGurl. The latter would update her readers via a blog post, explaining that she developed the novel following Millie Bobby Brown’s instructions through Zoom meetings. For her editorial debut, which is set in London during World War II, the Stranger Things actress explained why location this was so important:

It was great to come back and remember all that nostalgia, but it was a really cool experience. (Bethnal Green) This is an important place for her and for our whole family. I am very attracted to things that have meaning to me and I talk more about this woman.

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