Millionaire offered a million dollars for the answer to an existential question

Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow offered a prize of up to a million dollars to three people who could answer a single question that concerned him: to know if there is the “possibility of survival of human consciousness beyond bodily death.”

Bigelow had the initiative in the wake of a series of personal tragedies: the death of his wife Diane Mona Bigelow, 72, from leukemia, in June 2020, and that of their son Rod Lee who committed suicide in 1992 and the son of this, his grandson, who also took his own life years later.

The mogul founded the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) to drive research into what exists in the afterlife.

He also made his fortune in the real estate, hotel and aerospace businesses, and in an interview he said that he “is personally convinced” that consciousness survives the death of the physical body.

For scientists trained in the field of neurology and psychology, it was possible to present a 25,000-word thesis on the subject until August 1, 2021. A panel of judges made up of experts would choose the winner. The first place would receive $ 500,000, the second 300,000 and the third 150,000. After 9 months he received more than 2,000 responses from all over the world.

Bigelow said in an interview that he was inspired in part by George Anderson’s readings. Believe that consciousness survives the death of the physical body. “I am personally totally convinced of it,” he said.

And he himself took the phone and called the winners one by one: “You know, I only called you to let you know that you won half a million dollars, or 300,000 or 150,000 or 20,000,” he said he told the winners.

“We had no idea how everything was going to go and then we had almost 40 countries represented,” Bigelow said.

“We had criteria and we looked at all the responses. Then we narrowed them down to 200 and hired six respected writers and academics familiar with the subject to act as judges. Within weeks of carefully studying the proposals, the judges realized that the high The quality of the trials presented could deserve more than three winners, “he said.

Finally, the judges decided on 29 and Bigelow opted to almost double the prize: instead of handing out US $ 950,000, it was US $ 1,800,000 that were distributed to the winners and finalists. In addition to the first three, some 11 participants received $ 50,000 and 15 a prize of $ 20,000 each.

“Universities don’t give you grants to study this really important topic,” Bigelow told Mystery Wire. “They have to try to sell books to support themselves. Many of these people spend their entire lives in this field of research.”

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