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Minecraft Story Mode PC Game Download Full Version

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic fantasy adventure game. The action takes place in the Minecraft universe. The game was developed by the American studio Telltale Games in cooperation with the Swedish company Mojang AB. Telltale Games is the creator of many popular titles, including The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Mojang AB is the creator of the legendary Minecraft, in which the action of Story Mode takes place. It is worth encouraging the enthusiasts of these games, Telltale Games and Mojang AB, to use the Minecraft Story Mode Download option now. Others should read the game review.

Minecraft Story Mode PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

Minecraft: Story Mode is one of the newest proposals for fans of this genre. The premiere of the game took place in mid-October 2015. Despite this, many players have already tested it. The game begins when the world faces a serious threat. Everything indicates that the only chance to be saved is the help of the Order of the Stone, i.e. a strong, legendary brotherhood. The player takes on the role of a hero named Jesse, who, together with a group of his companions, decides to embark on a journey aimed at establishing contact with the Order. Not only the hero’s life but also the future of the whole world depends on the effects of this journey.

It is worth paying attention to some interesting ideas from the game developers. First, Jesse’s gender is not imposed in advance. The player can therefore decide for himself whether he prefers to play the role of a boy or a girl. Moreover, it is possible to choose the skin color of your hero. As the game starts, Jesse and her friends are getting ready for the builder contest. Due to some event, however, they have to stop these preparations and start fighting to save the world. As you might guess, the game is aimed mainly at the youngest. This does not mean, however, that even the youngest cannot have a great time with it. Although the character invented by the authors of the game does not have such a strong personality as in the games directed at adults, many people admit that they got into the game quite quickly due to the interesting plot.

The player playing the role of Jesse has to make many important decisions that determine the ending of the game. Therefore, it is worth encouraging not only the youngest but also slightly older players to download the game. Do not hesitate any longer, Minecraft Story Mode Download and install to show what you can do! The game consists of five parts, which makes the game a bit like a TV series, which should not be considered a disadvantage, however. The sound layer is an important advantage. The game uses professional dubbing. The heroes of their voices were lent, among others, by Patron Oswalt, Dave Fennoy and Ashley Johnson. Therefore, we recommend testing the game on fans of these actors.

Game trailer – Minecraft Story Mode

Of course, the graphics and technical requirements of the game also play an important role. The title was released on the PC Windows platform. The classic cartoon style is in vain. Instead, the creators used voxel graphics, which means that the hero and the world around him were created from rectangular blocks. The minimum technical requirements for Minecraft: Story Mode are: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz processor, 3 GB RAM, 512 MB GeForce 8800 GT graphics card or better, 3 GB HDD, and Windows XP (SP3). This means that most people should have no problems installing this game on their computers. Such a game will certainly be a very good Christmas gift for the youngest players, as well as for other enthusiasts of the Minecraft world.

Minecraft Story Mode PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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