Minsar deploys vaccination and mental health operations at shelter in Nupur

Vaccinations and Mental Health Actions yes part announced measures go through Deputy Minister of Health, Andrea Albaari in his Visit the Nubr area. officials visited Hostels in Nikon and San Carlos in the middle state of disaster Because of the flood.

“It is important to determine health risks people faceprotect them,” said the Deputy Minister. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is Monitoring of water quality for human consumption.

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will deliver Hepatitis A and Tetanus VaccinesAlbali said. “We worry about keeping Epidemiological surveillance in shelters and all related measures to ensure that the building is properly inhabited,” he continued.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also delivered Antigen Tests, Flu Vaccines, and COVID -19 In CESFAM in affected communities.

sanitation in shelters

in the shelter laid out in comunes of Ñiquén, Coihueco, Coelemu, Ránquil, San Carlos and Chillánthe health department has supervised Basic Hygiene and Food Handling in the shell.

So far, there are 166 people were housed in facilities in the area. The Seremi Health Board noted that they are monitoring their epidemiological factors and are Help the people.

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Care Network

In care networks, Health Service Center He assured that health facilities in the region remain 100% functional.

Various professionals can respond to emergencies, Mostly concentrated in areas most affected by flooding and river flooding.

“We reiterate our appeal to make full use of the aid network, especially our emergency response forces, which allow us to avoid crowds and get through it, Handle all emergencies as quickly as possible“, said Elizabeth Abarca, director of the European Center for Health Services.

The authority follows the same line, assuring that “our SAMUs are permanently supported, so caution must be exercised” Do not abuse this service In many cases, this saves lives.

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