“Miracle in the Circus”, Cepillín’s Film That Over Time Became a Classic


In 1979 Ricardo González “Cepillín” fame in Mexico was unstoppable, so it was decided that he starred in his own film, “Milagro en el Circo”, a co-production between Mexico and Spain made by Alejandro Galindo, considered one of the best directors from the golden age of Mexican cinema.


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In the film -family cut- “Cepillín” is a clown who arrives at a circus in crisis to help those who work there, especially a child, in addition to fighting an evil sorcerer called “Macario”, played by the renowned actor Spanish Fernando Fernán Gómez.

The film also featured Yuri, who was beginning her singing career at that time. “Milagro en el Circo” was one of the most successful films of 1979 in Mexico, and over the years it became a cult classic, transmitting the elegant and unique humor that “Cepillín” printed in his works.