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Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Download Full Version

The creators of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Digital Illusions studio, may not be known to most players. However, if we add that after some time it became part of Electronic Arts and at the same time was responsible for the creation of such works as Battlefield , the look at their activities will be completely different. But to the point – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was created as an extension, not a continuation of Mirror’s Edge. Anyway, this trick was for the Swedish artists for good. In fact, the game is simply an improved version of its prototype and is an interesting extension. Anyway, this was emphasized by the working title of the game: Mirror’s Edge . Only after some time was the word Catalyst added.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Download Full Version

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The plot of the game

If you think Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the “new-old” game from the Swedish studio, you are wrong. Although in the game we will meet characters known to us before, the plot itself will only resemble the prototype in some moments. In the game, as before, we play the role of a runner (courier) Faith, living in the city of Glass, managed by the quasi-totalitarian regime. Why are we talking about a totalitarian world? Because there are no more governments in it, as we know it today. The role of leaders has been taken over by huge corporations that only seemingly care about the interests of citizens.

With the help of our runner, we can visit a number of mysterious corners of the city and get to know what the life of ordinary, gray people looks like in it. So if you want to know the true face of a fictional quasi-totalitarian state, get Mirrors Edge Catalyst Download . So far, this is one of the most credible games that portray the mechanisms of pseudo-government. Why Faith? Although at first glance, this character does not stand out in any way, he has abilities that will be useful to him in the fight against totalitarian power. The advantage of our heroine is that she knows her city very well. She moves masterfully in it, which is no wonder, given the “profile” of her activities.

Game mechanics

We wrote that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a completely revamped version of Mirror’s Edge. An example for this thesis is that it is set in a completely open world. Contrary to the first installment of the game, we are no longer dealing with the classic division into rigid missions (in the new version, missions also appear, but they are more “flexible”). On the contrary, we enter an open world in which the degree of interference with reality is at a really high level.

The main theme of the game is the transformation of the main character, who changes over time from an innocent girl into a brave “soldier of freedom”. By the way, if you want to check the psychological transformation of the main character, be sure to get Mirrors Edge Catalyst Download on your computer. What else can we expect from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? Dynamic action, lots of parkour tricks and most of all – confrontation (without the use of firearms).

Game modes

Unlike the previous version, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst also offers a multiplayer game. This mode offers an almost huge world in which many players can be present at the same time.

Technical side…

Thanks to the use of the FristBite engine, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst perfectly reproduces not only the world of Glass, but also – extremely agile movements of our heroine. You will also be pleased that it will be possible to move smoothly in the huge game world. If you want to taste it all, be sure to download Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to your computer.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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