Misdiagnosis and Wrong Summons in St. Augustine

The straw that broke the camel’s back came last Friday in the form of a court summons. Mónica F.’s father was notified by the Aviles court that he received assistance at the San Agustín de Aviles University Hospital on May 27 due to alleged injuries.

Yes, he went to the emergency room at the Third Health District referral hospital that day, but his son took him instead of a friend, as they told him in court. Also, the cause is completely different from the injury. This is a tumor patient being treated at the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA). There, they told him that if he felt unwell or had a fever, he should go to St. Augustine. He did so that day, as stated in the discharge report.

The judicial notice prompted the family to attempt to speak to the head of San Agustin to resolve the matter. “It’s not possible, we explained the problem and at most they told us to send an email to the patient care center and they would fix it. At the very least, we’d like to be able to talk to someone and make them apologize for what they did Sorry for the mistake,” Monica explained.

The man came with a fever and the court asked him to appear for injury assistance.

The family’s reaction was understandable, as it wasn’t the first time they’d made a mistake during their father’s illness. They also went to St. Augustine’s Hospital last June. “He’s been bad all day and we took him to the emergency room at 11pm. At 2.23am they came out and he was almost worse. We gave him some water and he threw up ’” Monica recalled. Diagnosis in the emergency room indicated he had a cold, with no further consequences.

At seven o’clock the next morning, they were going to HUCA for an inspection, so the family decided to wait and stop making trouble. They’ve had enough of what this man has been through.

A letter to Barbon

«At HUCA, they were shocked by how it arrived. They did a scan and found a fistula from the cancer treatment that they couldn’t see in St. Augustine, and bilateral pneumonia, which they should have diagnosed,” recalls Monica. However, the panic didn’t stop there, Because on the following Wednesday, the doctors told them that the pneumonia was getting worse and could not be treated, and the prognosis was probably the worst. Finally, on Thursday, they managed to stabilize the patient and make him recover. “They saved his life, Monica sighed, though she didn’t deny her concerns about what had happened and what might happen in the future. “I’m the number one defender of public health, but I want health to be safeguarded.” It’s not normal for the same person to make so many mistakes; I spoke to the doctors and nurses at the health center because I wanted to report this fact, but they discouraged me. There is no apology here and the situation continues to deteriorate,” he said.

Although she no longer intends to remain silent, and although she has not condemned the incident, she has written to President Adrian Barbon to report what they have experienced and take steps to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

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