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In the movie, a documentary, directed by Lana Wilson, “Miss Americana”, which follows the life of a singer Taylor Swiftthe artist “Shake it off,” he chose to omit certain details of their relations in past and with other artists, as well as any other facts that you decided not to tell you.

Miss American debut on the 31st of January for all the fans of the star a new source of order to feel closer to their favorite artist. The production Netflix it is a very well thought out and very well looked after, for not getting out of line. But perhaps it is for this reason that there were no traces of a mighty struggle she had with Kanye West.

For 86 minutes, there was a pack of home-made videos, the clips from various sources, some of the images of the family members, and others of their own production, they have presented a portrait of a very private stay here again. A human being, and too close to each other that he hadn’t considered before, from the comfort of your own home.

The other point is that if you’ve seen the documentary, it’s the fact that the media often praises him for his work or destroying it by being very thin, apart from the provocations which he received the loving relationship they had.

As in the case of the battle with Kanye West, were there any other facts that the makers of the documentary chose to ignore the script. As was to be expected, given that the production of a documentary that is set up in a particular direction to communicate a particular story, Taylor, Swift is not an exception.

Wool, Wilson, I wanted to show off the singer, in a particular, a new version of it, very different from the one which had been formed during the past few years, but even so it continues to live up to the standards the fans want to see a star in the sky.

Here are a few of the stories that have been left out in the movie, a documentary of This

The super hero squad show above

In the absence of the famous game “- Taylor Swift’ does not come out in any minute of the film. The artist was very, very close to the Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid, but this audio-visual show, which is, apparently, no longer, and suggested that they put an end to their friendship, But at no point in time will give you more details.

The american public, Taylor Swift

It seems that it is the intention of the “Miss U.s.” was to separate the problems of love that the singer has had in the past, and now, to show that he is very happy, and, above all, to be able to keep her private life strictly private, to avoid the attack.

For this reason, the american public have been disposed of in its entirety, but in their way are a couple of scandals and a lot notable it had to do with some of the celebrities.

One of the most well-known is their song, Dear John, that is, without a doubt, it was a revenge on her ex, John Mayer.

Conflict with the celebrities have also been removed, and coupled with the Taylor-Katy-Perry-for a very long time, or your feud with Amy Poehler.

But, without a doubt, britain’s most well-known of the singer’s struggle with Kanye West during the VMAS in 2009.

The story blew up when the husband of Kim Kardashian has released the song “Famous”, which contains a letter that is very strong on Taylor Swift and assured them that the artist has approved the letter. The one that has been approved by the artist later.

However, Kim Kardashian has just posted a video of the communication between Swift and West, where both the parties are agreed on the song.

In the place of the documentary for me to talk about the incident and asked for clarification as to what has happened, “Miss U.s.” this will minimize and you simply present it as another example of how the life-of-Taylor-Swift-you are always under the scrutiny of the public. (E)the