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Taylor Swift is in full promotion of the Miss Americana documentary film about his life, which will be issued on the next day, the 31st of January in the Series and this is where the singer, 30, opens up emotionally on the issues that he suffered throughout his life. On the tape, which was released on Thursday at the Film Festival in Sundance, Utah, Swift and true, and reveals the disorder in food which has undergone some years ago caused, at the root, to see if that’s reflected in the images that as a photographer you performed on the street. “It was a picture of me in it, it seemed that my belly was too big…” or ” someone said that you looked pregnant…and this is triggered to stop eating,” says the artist.

In a situation that has greatly affected his health, and his work, as the problem has increased, as they began one of their touring shows. “I felt like I was going to pass out at the end of each show, or the half of it,” says Swift in the video here. “Now, I’ve realized that if you eat it, you have the power, you are strong, you can do all of these shows, and don’t feel bad,” he said.

The performer of hit songs like Shake it off or Me. he spoke recently of this disorder in an interview with the magazine Andwhich is a cover of the the month of January, and he was very thoughtful, if you have it or not is your problem in the film: “I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable talking about my body, and talking about some of the things that have been going on in terms of ‘health’ that I have for myself”. Finally, She agreed to do it, and you are happy with the end result, thanks to the tone used by the head of the tape, Wool, Wilson said. “The way in which the Wool, it’s my own story is meaningless really. I’m not an expert on this subject, and a lot of people can speak with more knowledge. I know from my own experience”, told the singer, who proudly displays to the world through his own body: “The fact that it has a size of 6 instead of a 0. Now, how to, and I do a lot of exercise. Before doing the exercise, but you don’t eat”.

In addition to his personal struggles, Swift has made more revelations on the occasion of the presentation of your documentary film. A few days ago, she was also And during the filming of his biopic, to her mother, who was receiving treatment for breast cancer for the second time, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. “All of the symptoms that you experience with a person who is suffering from a brain tumor, you do not have anything to do with what I had gone through it with the cancer earlier. It was truly hard for the family as well,” says the artist, who has assured to be very attached to his mother, “everyone in the world wants to be your mother, but for me, it really is the force that guides me. Almost every decision I’ve made, to talk about it with her before. This is why it is tricky to talk about the disease.

Taylor Swift and her mom Andrea at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and in the fall of 2017.nb

Taylor Swift and her mom Andrea at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and in the fall of 2017.

“It’s a year that I got to spend time with my family. We don’t know what’s going to happen to you. We do not know what treatment we choose,” said the singer, who this year is going to be taking it easy on your work, and porsche’s the tour of their last album Loverwith more time to spend on the side of their loved ones. This is the first time that the actor Look What You Made Me Do speaking of this new diagnosis, her mother, Andrea Finlay, while at other times she had already dealt with the subject of his or her illness. Almost a year ago, in march, 2019 at the latest, Swift said that her mother had fallen to breast cancer, and that he was of a new management. “I’ve had to deal with a major illness in my family. My parents had cancer and my mom are fighting right now again. This situation has taught me that there are issues of fact, and so is everything else. The cancer of my mother, it’s a real problem. I would nervosa, the daily ups and downs, but now I worry, I stress, and I pledge my prayers for all the real-world problems,” he said in a statement to Elle.

Miss Americanwhere you can also see the artist in his time, more of a personal, along with her partner, Joe, Alwyn, it promises to be “a look at the raw and emotionally revealing” of the year, more money is earned by 2019, according to the Forbes. In concrete terms, more than 167 million euros, thanks to their album, their upcoming tour, all the arrangements, advertising and his involvement in the film Catswhich has provided him with a nomination for the Golden globe awards.