“Miss Sloane” by John Madden with Jessica Chastain

Miss Sloane – Power Games2016 film, director John Madden with the main character Jessica Chastain. Under the guidance of the photographer Sebastian Blenkovsets Matthew Daviscostumes Georgina Yarhi and music written Max Richter, Miss Sloan plays Jessica Chastain, Alison Pill, Jake Lacy, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. The world premiere of the film took place on November 11, 2016 inAFI Festival. It was distributed in US theaters on November 25, 2016. In Italy it was originally scheduled for release on May 4, 2017, then moved to August 31, and in Italy it was distributed from September 7, 2017.

The film hit ParadisePlay. You can view it for free by registering on the site.


In the highest echelons of politics and government Elizabeth Sloan she is the most sought after and influential lobbyist in Washington. Known for both her cunning and her history of success, she always did whatever it took to win. But when he faces off against the powerful gun lobby, he discovers that victory can only come at too high a cost.

Lobbying: the evil of democracy

Ulysses S. Grant, eighteenth President of the United States of America, first used the term “lobbying”. He coined it to refer to the practice by which some people managed in a variety of ways to persuade politicians to suddenly change their minds about a bill. Miss Sloan, last work John Madden author of charismatic Shakespeare in love, reflects precisely this contradictory ability. Based on a mystical fusion of cunning, intellect and rhetoric. Protagonist, skillful and theatrical Jessica Chastain, he seems to embody all the Ciceronian principles necessary to become a perfect orator. She is always ready to surprise and touch the audience in order to convince them of the legitimacy of her ideas.

Sloane: Divided Protagonist

Despite the good premise, the film immediately loses pace and verve. This does not build an escalation of modern Erin Brockovich, but he prefers to brutally desecrate the career woman. His fault? Too selfish and self-centered to truly embrace the causes he sponsors. Her only interest is winning impossible cases to prove first to herself and then to others that she is always the strongest. He prefers paid sex to love, drugs to health, work to life. Her lust for power, insatiable, greedy and greedy, eventually devours her from the inside, cell by cell, until all her physical and moral depravity is laid bare.

In an osmotic, fast and harmful process Miss Sloan It soon turns out that this is a real arena for politicians, in which there is no physical violence. The most merciless aggression consists in anticipating the enemy’s moves, anticipating and ruthlessly psychologically destroying him. Unrelenting, the film becomes a profane and irreverent political satire that forgives no one. He destroys, perhaps to restore, and accuses, to beg and make people beg for redemption. It doesn’t matter, the die has already been cast. There seems to be no chance of playing by the rules, since there never were any.

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