Miss the American, and the documentary on Taylor Swift, has come to Netflix


  • Directed by Wool, Wilson,Taylor unveils his most personal, a documentary film showing the highs and lows of fame.

In the foreground Taylor Swift appears sitting down next to a window in his house, holding a newspaper when I was a young teenager, showing the annotations, where his greatest desire was to become a successful singer. As if it were a fairy tale, her dream comes true: the age of a 15-year-old has signed his first professional contract with a major label, and in 2006, he released his self-titled debut album, which is the catapulsó to make that happen. However, not all of it, was honey on the flakes, for an artist who reminds us of some of the most controversial issues that surrounded him, as he was in the bochornosa the interruption of Kanye West during her speech after winning the award for Best Video by a Female” at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, which resulted in a back-and-forth between him and her for years to come. The documentary also shows the behind-the-scenes during the creative process for their last two productions: reputation he was born in the year in which the singer has decided to hide from the limelight, after all the constant criticism from the press, tabloid, and from its foes, as much for his image of a good girl, her love life and other issues, which marked a difficult phase in personal. Something that Taylor never spoken to you, and what has been revealed here, has been in the past with the issues of food, where it states that it has reached a point where we don’t even eat because he felt “too fat” or that you had a photo that did not favour him; the other point is that the surprise is over, the one that had kept quiet so long about his views on the politics that govern his or her country of origin and it also shows us a scene where he discusses with his dad about a publication which would support the candidate of the senaduría to the outside world, although, in the end, the result was not more favourable to the election, and it served as the inspiration for his new single, titled Only The Youngthat plays in the end credits of the documentary that came out in the
the various digital platforms on the same day as the release of the film.

The Miss In The Us.

Miss American in the leaves and in some ways, recent as has been its legal battle against his former record label, Big Machine Records, although it may be due to this issue, or how it was that she met her current partner and love life, the british actor Joe Alwyn –the one who appears, quite literally, in the blink of an eye, at some point in the tape, its a source of inspiration for his latest disc Lover. In its favor, and it reflects how a young woman originally from Pennsylvania, he has achieved his dreams in spite of difficulties, the weight of the executive to manipulate the will of the singers, and the composers by buying their artistic freedom, and they have raised their voice against the injustice of the political and social issues.