Miss Universe severes ties with its Indonesian franchise over search for cellulite or scars on contestants

organize miss universe Cut off diplomatic relations with Indonesia harass Its participants denounced: “We want a safe place for women”.

this miss universe organization has decided to sever ties with its franchise Indonesia After being accused of sexual harassment An upcoming edition planned for Malaysia was canceled.

More than six Miss Indonesia Universe finalists have lodged complaints against pageant organizers after being asked to undress for physical examination Look for cellulite or scarring There are still two days until the coronation. “

According to what we learned at Miss Universe Indonesia, “It’s clear that this team is not reaching its goals. our brand standards, ethics or expectations,” The US-based Miss Universe organization broke the news on X (formerly known as Twitter) Saturday night.

Break Relationships to Create a Safe Environment

The Miss Universe Organization added that it had “decided to terminate its relationship with Indonesian franchise PT Capella Swastika Karya and its country director Poppy Capella.”

He also thanked the contestants for their courage in denouncing the situation, adding “Providing a safe place for women” This is a priority for the organization.

Police in Jakarta said on Tuesday that it had launched an investigation after the finalists lodged a complaint. The Indonesian franchise also holds a license for Miss Universe Malaysia, but will not host the event this year, according to New York-based lead organizers.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Capela denied participating in any physical examinations, adding that he was against “violence or sexual harassment of any kind.” The Jakarta pageant aims to select Indonesia’s representative for this year’s Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in El Salvador on November 18.

Miss Universe Policy Review

Miss Universe clarified in the X statement that they are reviewing and evaluating the agreement with the franchisee, along with all rules and procedures. Avoid abusive or humiliating behavior of any kind. As such, they will ensure that future events around the world remain within the standards that all Miss Universe franchises must be international.

“We also want to make it absolutely clear that there is no requirement height, weight or body size Participate in Miss Universe pageants around the world,” the group concluded in a statement.

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