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Storm Reid, Missing

After the success of SearchingMarch 9 arrives at the cinema missingproduced by Sony Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Italy, a second cinematographic investigation built through the screens of the devices we use every day.


It was one of the biggest successes of the 2018/19 season, especially for the budget-collection ratio. Searching it was a small film, costing less than a million dollars, with an intelligent and not easy to construct plot: looking for a missing girl by developing the investigation entirely through a computer desktop and the software we use every day, from Google Maps to social networks .

Iron script, twist with an open ending, a worldwide box office of 75 million dollars, definitely a successful investment. And an experiment to be repeated, but not with a direct sequel, but with a story unrelated to the previous one.


To disappear into thin air, in Colombia, this time is Grace, a divorced mother on vacation with her new boyfriend. When her daughter June waits for her in vain at the airport, the search begins. But today a teenage girl can be far more effective than an entire recovery team just by digging through a missing person’s digital archives. And indeed, June discovers many things that will push her to speed up the rescue operation.

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missing is directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnsonfitters of Searching who make their debut behind the camera here. In front we find instead Nia Long And Storm Reid playing mother and daughter. Lucky season for the premiere, which opened the year with Eddie Murphy in the hilarious interracial rom-com You People.

Storm Reid

Storm, 19, is one of the most interesting actresses of her generation. She had made her debut as a child in 12 Years a Slave, but it was her presence in the already cult series Euphoriaalongside Zendaya, to give it the right push. We saw her in the cinema The Invisible Man And The Suicide Squadwhile on the small screen he shared the scene with Bella Ramsey in one of the most beautiful episodes of The Last of Us. He will soon be starring in The Nun 2sequel to a spin-off by The Conjuring.

In the cast of missing we also find Ken Leunga tribute to the first Saw in which the actor played detective Steven Sing, and Joaquim De Almeydathe refined Portuguese actor who has been playing the role of the luxury character actor in Hollywood for years.

missing was released in US theaters on January 20, recording a gross of 23 million dollars on a budget of seven. It arrives in Italy on March 9, distributed by Warner Discovery Italia

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