Missing Eduardo Caballero Garcia: “He was a very sick man”

Eduardo Caballero Garcia Missing on July 10 nacra, a commune in the Valencian Community.The 58-year-old man He left the house without his phone and closed the door The house where he lives with his sister, Open.He is a person with limited mobility as he can barely walk and is very ill so he is a Vulnerable groups and their high risk of disappearance. As for his phone number, no calls were received before or after the day he disappeared.

Eduardo’s health is complicated because he have very severe pneumonia.in with elcierredigital.com, this Family Spokesperson Julia, Pointing out that “this pneumonia made him a lot worse and caused him to lose a lot of weight, he looks 80 years old Because he was very ill.Currently there are severe lung problems he must have one CTbecause they saw fungus in his lungs.”

He got on a bus and “the earth swallowed him up”

“Pneumonia caused get lost on some occasionsand it takes a lot of time drug If missing, it will not be retrieved. Still, we don’t understand what’s going to happen to him and leave his home open. It’s unlikely that she would elope with someone else Because where he lives now he has almost no friends and very little social life. He also went to the place where he lived before, found nothing, and no one saw him. He had at most 30 or 40 euros on him and with that you couldn’t survive for almost three weeks,” the family spokesman added.

Only one is known Driver of the bus line connecting Serra and Beitra via Naqueranoticed See Eduardo get in the car Take the bus number 10 at Naquera and get off at the Beitera stop in front of the metro entrance.

The day before Eduardo’s disappearance.

The family’s spokeswoman explained, “From Naquera to Beitra, there are four stations belonging to the city of Naquera, and after arriving in Beitra, the bus stops at SUBWAY STATION. When the National Guard checked the camera images, it was confirmed that Eduardo did not get off to take the subway, so it is possible that he got off at one of the four previous stops.

“On the same day as the 10th, the complaint was lodged and admitted because he was a person at risk. What’s puzzling is that 18 days passed and no one lifted a finger until July 24th. A huge heat wave and many storms have passed, making it even more difficult to find Eduardo. If they act quickly, everything will be easier,” Julia said.

‘Lack of cooperation on the part of the city council’

The family couldn’t understand why no one was able to see him, “How could that be if he got on at the main bus station in Naquera? Except, he’s a man who won’t go unnoticed Because it has deteriorated so much that it seems to have been swallowed by the earth. On July 25, I decided to contact SOS is missing Because we didn’t see any results. They told me there was no point in using search and rescue dogs because it had been many days. I want to thank you for your dedication in helping us find Eduardo. “

Julia claimed that “Nacra City Council has a lot of negligence, without the slightest interest until July 25.On that day I decided to publish the situation on my social networks, condemning the various actions of the City Council, in this case the sound. When they saw these accusations on social networks, the mayor decided to call me and offer us all available services.From that moment they really started spreading the news Trying to pretend it’s a city council initiativebut that’s not the case at all, because they didn’t bother to ask the family anything.”

Look for Eduardo’s raid poster.

“It is very sad that we find the lack of interest in Eduardo’s family from the Naquera government. When you contact me I decided to ask you to take all possible means Because it is related to a person’s life.I also called Beitra City Hall Ask for help, because to be honest, Nakla is fairly under-resourced. Since I contacted Beitra City Council they have put all means at our disposal. In Sierra, I also asked them to mobilize as many people as possible, because we need help. As the days pass, hopes are being dashed,” the family spokesman concluded.

Eduardo’s family and friends organized a raid Search for the whereabouts of the 58-year-old man. Eduardo is described as slim, 1.80m tall, with gray hair and beard, tattoos on his arms and dark brown eyes.

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