‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Beaten By Barbenheimer, Director’s Comment: ‘I’m Very Happy’ | Movie

Mission: Impossible 7director’s film Christopher McQuarrie and plays Tom Cruisewas literally torn apart by the films that created this phenomenon Barbenheimernamely Barbie and Oppenheimer.

Even more generally, the seventh installment of the saga, started in the nineties by Brian de Palma, grossed around $551 million, far less than the three films that preceded it (you can check outdated inflation figures). about numbers).

At the same time, the director Mission: Impossible 7 Christopher McQuarrie doesn’t really seem to care too much about losing.

Speaking a few days ago on the Empire podcast, he explained:

I am very happy. We had business in mind when we bought these tickets (HERE DETAILS). I was serious when I went on Twitter and wrote: “Get pink or go home.” I am very happy for Margot (Robbie), who I consider an amazing talent and megastar. And I’m glad that this film confirmed that I am such a star. And I hope that the lessons learned from this will be applied in the future. I am very happy for Greta. Chris Nolan… do you want to talk about being between a rock and a hard place? Do you want to talk about the guy whose movie was a three-hour R-rated drama with nudity that leaves you “devastated” so to speak? Difficult things to place. This is a respectable marketing strategy. And he won. He liked Babe Ruth and won. Congratulations. This is fantastic. And this is the triumph of the original cinema. It’s a triumph for films that aren’t sequels. And in Oppenheimer’s case, it’s also drama. What films were before. Tom and I told each other that it’s all about quality.

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SOURCE: Empire podcast on Spotify

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