“Mission: Impossible 7”, first reactions to the film with Tom Cruise

On Monday, June 19, 2023 Tom Cruise appeared in the sunny capital along with the rest of the cast at the world premiere of the film Mission: Impossible – Dead Time – Part One, the seventh chapter of the film saga, dedicated to special agent Ethan Hunt. Until 22.30 on June 19, all the first reviews of the film were lower. embargo: This means that journalists and industry workers could not post online any reviews or reactions to the film, which will be released in theaters on July 12, 2023, directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Following the red carpet on the iconic steps of Piazza di Spagna, the film’s cast moved toAudience of Reconciliation, which is located on the section of road connecting Castel Sant’Angelo with St. Peter’s Basilica. And it was in this setting that the world premiere of this film, also shot in Rome, took place. The film recounts the events Fall out Chapter was released in 2018 and was a huge box office success, once again proving Tom Cruise’s ability to attract crowds to the movies. He did that too Top Shot: Maverickalso accepting compliments from Steven Spielberg who recognized him as the one who was able to save cinema after the pandemic.

The first reaction of the international press to “Mission: Impossible”

World premiere of Chapter 7 The task is impossible allowed the national and international press to share the initial reaction. On Twitter, Perry Nemiroff From Collider He wrote:

“Another victory for the franchise (…) with some of the most vibrant and fun set pieces that really make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action too. The emphasis on capturing images on camera really makes a huge difference and you can feel it. And this time they really delved into how the technology they’re looking for also affects the characters’ personal arcs.”

Mike RyanFrom Uprozz however, he wrote that the film, which represents an ambitious project from a director seeking to explore trends in artificial intelligence technology, is not “as enjoyable as Fallout“.

Joe Deckelmeierwho signs his works for ScreenrantHe wrote:

“This is phenomenal. Hayley Atwell steals every scene she’s in. This is currently my favorite film from the Mission: Impossible saga. When AI becomes the villain, it’s almost like a movie wants to warn us. This action made my heartbeat quicken. The train scene drove me crazy.”

Eric Davis From FandangoHe wrote:

“I had a great time watching Mission: Impossible.” A flawlessly crafted action movie that never interrupts the entertainment. Every action sequence is long, crazy and intense. The story is big and expansive, but I loved how it both felt complete and made me want to find out what was in store for me in the next film.”

In general, therefore, it seems that The task is impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part One convinced the press, who looked with pleasure at the new exploits of Ethan Hunt and did not suffer much from the decision to split the story into two separate films. Moreover, others were also surprised to see Tom Cruise’s ability, at sixty years old, to still perform the dangerous and heart-stopping stunts that are something of a hallmark of the saga itself.

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