‘Mission: Impossible 7: Stars’ Reveals Why His Character Haunts Ethan Throughout The Movie: ‘There Must Be A Reason’

Mission: Impossible 7: Shea Whigham reveals the real reason his character is stalking Ethan Hunt throughout the film. In the new Mission: Impossible adventure, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt and his IMF team take on a terrifying villain: a self-aware artificial intelligence that can infiltrate any system and uses sophisticated algorithms to predict its opponents’ every move. As Hunt and his team attempt to defeat this disembodied threat, they also face more traditional adversaries in Briggs and Degas, a duo of CIA operatives tasked with their own seemingly impossible mission: to stalk Hunt and bring him inside.

Anyone who has seen Mission: Impossible 7 knows that Briggs is persistent, and they also know that Whigham’s character persists until the end of the film and will return in Mission: Impossible 8. What may not be clear is why Briggs seems so determined to follow the traveler Hunt, despite the fact that his prey is always out of control. Speaking to /Film recently, Whigham gave some details about why Briggs is so keen to join Hunt, revealing that his character has a history with Cruise’s, a story that won’t be explored until the next Mission: Impossible movie. Here is what Whigham said:

“I told him there must be a reason I’m stalking (Ethan). Otherwise, two and a half hours will not work, I will look like an idiot in any country that always overlooks this. So I wanted to raise this issue without explaining anything. I didn’t want to explain it other than to refer to it maybe next. But also guys, I wanted to pay homage to Midnight Run, Runaway. I like to pay homage to movies that I love so we added some of them and I wanted to make Briggs a trump card. By any means possible, try to get Ethan with a real and private matter in mind. … According to the tradition of the Mission, I can’t say anything.”

How Briggs takes the stage in Mission: Impossible 8

The climax of Dead Reckoning – Part One was the start of a mission for Part One, involving a sunken Russian submarine and a mysterious key that can unlock the secrets of a fearsome AI called “The Entity”. Ethan Hunt will certainly rise to the challenge to reach the sunken submarine, and it’s highly likely that his old MMF friends Benji and Luther will be with him. Grace Hayley Atwell and Paris Pom Klementieff will also be in the game, although it’s still too early to tell which side these characters will take. Gabriel Esai Morales will also be in attendance and has unfinished business with Ethan.

Also confirmed are the return of the characters Briggs and Degas in Mission: Impossible 8, whose mission to bring back Ethan Hunt has yet to be completed. It’s still unclear how the CIA duo and their boss Kittridge will fit into the picture, but Whigham hints at the possibility that, like Gabriel, Briggs also has a history with Ethan Hunt. It’s possible, of course, that Briggs Whigham’s backstory exists because of his motivation as an actor and isn’t actually part of Christopher McQuarrie’s story for the Mission: Impossible 7 sequel. as they return for another round of chasing the ever-elusive Ethan Hunt.

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