‘Mission Impossible 8’ will include reviews of the first part of ‘Dead Reckoning’

According to Hayley Atwell, the second part of Mission: Impossible: Paying for Death will include viewer feedback on the first part. Directed again by Christopher McQuarrie, the latest chapter in the long-running Tom Cruise saga sees Ethan Hunt face the dangerous threat of artificial intelligence. Production on the next film in the franchise has already begun, with a release date currently set for next summer.

Now, with just under a year left on Mission: Impossible: The Wages of Death Part Two, Atwell told Josh Horowitz on his Happy Sad Confusion podcast that McQuarrie and Cruz will take into account audience feedback on the most recent chapter as they are working on a sequel.

Without revealing anything about the upcoming movie, the actress hints that what’s already filmed is definitely something exciting. Here is Atwell’s full comment:

“I think they just want to see the reaction of the public. It’s all for the public. I was having dinner with Tom last night and he said the figure eight was phenomenal. You believe it and I believe it. What they have already filmed is so exciting. It really determines what happens next.”

What does the reaction to Dead Reckoning Part One mean for Part 2?

The saga reached new heights in 2018 with the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which means that expectations for the new sequel were high. However, the Mission: Impossible 7 reviews made it clear from the start that McQuarrie and Cruise have outdone themselves yet again, producing a film that features some of the best action in the series. In fact, many reviews praised new cast members such as Atwell and Pom Klementieff for breathing new life into the series.

Like critics, the public’s response to the new sequel has been overwhelmingly positive. The film currently holds an impressive 94% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. These reviews are also supported by Mission: Impossible 7’s strong opening box office performance, which is likely to remain strong over the next few weeks, suggesting that moviegoers are generally enjoying the film.

The positive response suggests that Cruise and McQuarrie may not have to deviate much from the plan they are now putting into place for the next film. However, some reviews pointed to the film’s weaknesses, such as the character of the villain Esai Morales being underdeveloped and generic, insights into Ethan’s past, very little depth, and confusing plot twists, which perhaps will be taken into account in the next chapter. Overall, though, as a follow-up to the more recent film, Mission: Impossible: The Wage of Death Part Two already seems to be in a very solid position.

Source: Josh Horowitz/YouTube.

Key release dates:
– Mission Impossible – Paying for Death Part One: July 12, 2023

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