Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, so it was split into two parts.

Christopher McQuarrie - Mission Impossible - Paying for Death Part One
Christopher McQuarrie – photo by Aurora Leone

It’s not often in a movie that you can destroy a city and get a hero’s welcome, but this is the scenario he found himself in. Christopher McQuarrie when he showed up in Rome for the world premiere of the latest installment in the most exciting franchise of all time, Mission impossible.

To talk to Steve Weintraub by Collider at the premiere Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One in Rome, Christopher McQuarrie admitted his slight surprise at being allowed to return to the city – and, in fact, to the village – after the chaos caused by Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell and a little yellow Fiat 500 named Trixie.

However, the director hoped that the fight scene would also allow foreigners to see the beauty of the city even when it was filmed in the background. When asked if he was surprised, they let him go back to Rome. Christopher McQuarrie He said: – Yes a little. Things got a little out of hand but we are always very, very careful and we are always here to celebrate the culture and celebrate the places we visit and I think the Italian audience got it in the same spirit as we did. – Hope!”

Then he continued: “I knew I wanted to expand the cast and I knew I wanted to give each of these characters more work, so I knew the movie was going to be bigger and longer than Fallout (…) And at that point, I said, ‘Because are we fighting this trend? Why fit all this into two hours? Let’s split it in half and make two movies out of it.” That was really the rationale for the film being in two parts. It wasn’t just that the story was bigger, but that we wanted more emotion in the film.” continued.

Luckily for McQuarrie and company, Paramount Pictures was all too willing to make two films in such a lucrative franchise, even if that meant very long shoots, during a global pandemic, with hard days and a lead actor who never let the director forget. whose fault the days dragged on! “The studio was genuinely excited about it at the time”McQuarrie said. “And you know, I think we were excited about it too. And then there were moments when we were on set and Tom would look at me and say, “That was your idea.”

McQuarrie even admitted that he doesn’t have an ending yet. Dead Reckoning Part Two: “Yes, it’s huge, and it was complicated by the fact that some things in the second part required the first part to be closed for filming, either due to time or because of the presence of actors. So, with all the other problems that this movie had when we made it, it was a challenge to stop in the middle, not even knowing what the full movie was, and try to predict what would happen in the second movie. . It’s a testament to how great this team is and how patient this cast is. It’s really something extraordinary.”

Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One was released in theaters on July 12, 2023, and Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part Two will arrive June 27, 2024.

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