Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One Review


Old and new intertwine in a new chapter in the saga of Mission impossible, also known as “Payment for Death, Part One”, with Tom Cruise. After the last incredible Fallout, secret agent Ethan Hunt hits the gas again, whether it’s a yellow 500 on the streets of Rome or a motorcycle squeezed to the nth degree in a cliff jump in Norway. Even the leaping increase in locations and enemies that seem to be united in a single and obsessive search.

If in previous chapters it was the Apostles and the Syndicate that threatened Hunt and his IMF team, now there is the Entity. This is the threat of our time, namely the one that is associated in whole or in part with the strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood, namely artificial intelligence.

Hayley Atwell Mission Impossible

Mission: Impossible – Death Wages Part One: Cast

Chapter 7 is also the third film in the saga, once again directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Together with Tom Cruise, who plays an agent for the seventh time Ethan Huntfind team members Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) e Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames). They also have a former Mi-6 agent with them, Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). Got a new record, controversial thief Mercyplayed by Hayley Atwell. Among the villains in the service of the invisible Entity, an old acquaintance of Hunt or Gabriel (Esai Morales) that we don’t really know who it could be.


Everything points to a shady mercenary with whom the IMF agent has been settling scores for more than 30 years. He is accompanied by a minion and a martial artist. Paris (Pom Klementiev). Henry Czerny also returns even after the first chapter as Eugene Kittridge, the first head of the IMF. This time, his character looks more mature, pragmatic, and less obnoxious than in the first episode. And with him is also a philanthropist and arms dealer Alanna Mytsopolishe is white widow (Vanessa Kirby).

Cary Elwes as Director of Intelligence also rounds out the cast. delinger. While Shea Whigham and Greg Tarzan Davis are agents respectively. Jasper Briggs AND Degas. Instead Mariela Garriga Mariea woman who appears in flashbacks and is closely related to Ethan Hunt.

Simon Pegg Mission Impossible

Plot and review

In this new adventure, Ethan Hunt and his IMF team will face their toughest challenge yet. They must stop a deadly new weapon that threatens all of humanity, represented by an AI (artificial intelligence) called The Entity. This new and terrifying weapon is desired by the United States itself, as well as by all foreign superpowers.


From the man’s past emerges a mysterious figure, Gabriel, with whom he has unfinished business for over 30 years. This global threat will force a person to reconsider all his priorities and the difficult choices that will face him. One in particular is the potential risk of sacrificing one’s team. The agent will go on a long race against time to stop this enemy who knows everything and can predict everything throughout history.

Dead Reckoning Part One begins with a flashback in which Ethan Hunt is shown (from the rear) rather than digitally rejuvenated like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Doom Quadrant. The murder of a woman, probably professionally (and sentimentally) connected to him, will determine entry into this CIA division called the IMF, dedicated to the most risky missions.

Ilsa Faust

But the right intuition, which both Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie had, is to use the real or perceived specter of our time, namely artificial intelligence. As the Terminator saga prophesied some forty years ago, in which his Skynet took control of everything and would create destruction for humanity, in this chapter the AI ​​becomes sentient, but it always needs people to complete its greatness and its future hegemony of the world. dominance.


In the film, she appears silent but menacing, as if she were a cross between the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings and Ridley Scott’s Alien. While Gabriel Esai Morales is his formidable tool. He was chosen precisely because he identified Ethan Hunt’s ancestral fear: the loss of those he loves. But his plan to bend and break the agent will be difficult to carry out.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

Great variety of locations

Locations range from different parts of the globe, from the exotic scenarios of Abu Dhabi to the busy and chaotic streets of Rome. A spectacular chase between the police, villains and our heroes is filmed here. The chase with Hunt and Grace handcuffed together trying to control a 500 that spins on its own very often is like an anthology. All this gives rise to involuntary comic effects (also to relieve cinematic tension).

Whereas in the predominantly nocturnal and gloomy scenario of Venice, this is where the turning point of the film’s drama and narrative takes place. It is there that we understand how the saga can end after the eighth chapter, always, whether it will continue with or without Cruz. Instead, the Orient Express scene includes places like Austria and especially Norway. Indeed, Cruz is the protagonist of the grand motocross mountain stunt.

The train scene in the first version was about ninety minutes long and refers to the video game Uncharted 2 and the George Pan Cosmatos film Crossing Cassandra. But also to the first “Mission Impossible” by Brian De Palma, dated 1996.

Motocross Mission Impossible


Filming for Mission: Impossible: The Wage of Death Part One began in February 2020 in Venice, just before the onset of a global pandemic that would have brought Italy and other countries into a tight lockdown. Stopped due to force majeure, production was restarted in the autumn of that year with very strict on-set protocols, with a long chase in Rome, and other scenes filmed in Norway, including Tom Cruise’s very dangerous motocross stunt from Mt.

In addition, an audio recording of Tom Cruise ranting on set with two crew members about not maintaining distance and wearing masks incorrectly has gone viral. Before stopping during the first phase of filming, the actor chosen to play the villain was Nicholas Hoult, who impressed Cruise with his skills in simulated combat.

But delays prevented Holt from participating in the film, and then Esai Morales was chosen, making him in the script a character closer in age to Ethan Hunt, who has a decisive turning point in the past. This episode was expected to release in November 2021, but ended up being pushed back to July 2023, specifically to avoid interactions in the summer of 2022 with Cruise’s own blockbuster: Top Gun Maverick.

Train Norway


Chapter 8, or The Wage of Death, Part 2 will release on June 28, 2024 in theaters worldwide, barring further delays due to a cast and writers’ strike. We read from many angles that number 8 will be the last episode to feature Ethan Hunt’s character. But it’s too early to tell, partly because Cruise himself has said he wants to keep making Mission: Impossible until he’s 80, a bit on the heels of Harrison Ford’s fifth (and highly disappointing) episode about the famed archaeologist.

But the hypotheses can be very different, of course, it must be said that signs of fatigue (and old age) flicker on Cruise’s face, and despite the titanic efforts to create a giant blockbuster action, the fatigue of his translator, this seems to make itself felt. Grace’s character could pick up the baton and continue the role of the future heroine of the series.

On the other hand, the Mission: Impossible saga took the best of another legendary spy saga, namely the James Bond saga. But while the latter has taken a decidedly dark turn, the one with Tom Cruise manages to innovate every time, even with high-tech offerings even ahead of the times.

In fact, this is the first modern film dedicated to the topic of artificial intelligence, and all this is terribly relevant. Clearly, the function of Mission: Impossible: The Wage of Death Part One is to recreate a 163-minute show of pure and frenzied adrenaline. A huge blockbuster, characterized by sublime intelligence, and Tom Cruise again manages to conquer his audience and not only.



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