Mission Impossible – Paying for Death

Mission impossibleDead Reckoning – Part One he won’t be like everyone else. The often inflated phrase of the protagonist at each launch of any film, but never, as in this case, will not be confirmed. The reasons are many, albeit among the most disparate, so here’s everything you need to know about the new Mission impossible will be released in Italian cinemas on July 12.


Ethan Hunt, of course, will be played by Tom Cruise. This will be the seventh time, after the first, now distant in 1996, when Brian De Palma first cast him as a former IMF (Impossible Mission Force) agent. In the cast of this new mission impossible, we will find: Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg AND Vanessa Kirbyalready present in previous chapters, but not only they will return, there is also Henry Czerny who played Eugene Kittridge in the first film, the former head of the IMF. They will debut in the series. Hayley HatwellPeggy Carter of Captain America, Pom Klementieff, also taken from the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she played Mantis and Shea Whigham. Instead it will Nicholas Hoult the role of the antagonist. Wing Rhames there will be Luther Stickell again: the only actor who is present in all the films of the series (with the exception of Tom Cruise).

Locations Made in Italy

The film will interest the Italian public not only with the film itself, but also with the locations in which it takes place. In fact, most of the scenes will take place in Rome AND Venice, while the budget allocated for shooting in Italy is about 35 million euros out of 290 spent on making the film. We will see the main character Ethan Hunt. Imperial forumsTo ColiseumV Venetian Square It’s included Lungotevere. Filming has been drastically slowed down due to the Covid-19 epidemic hitting Italy and the rest of the world, causing the release dates of the two chapters filmed at the same time to be delayed, originally scheduled for July 23, 2021 and August 5. , 2022.

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