Mission Impossible, the most beautiful songs, soundtracks for films of the saga

See on screens Mission Impossible 8, the latest episode of the famous saga with the indestructible Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, we’ll have to wait another year. In the meantime, let’s revisit the previous “episodes” by listening again to the most beautiful songs used in the films. A truly eclectic soundtrack, from early 90s rock to rap and techno.

dreams cranberries

Firstly Mission impossible (1996) Directed by Brian DePalma dreams plays in the background in a scene where Ethan (Tom Cruise) and Luther (Ving Rhames) are drinking beer together. “I wrote it thinking about my first love when I was still living in Ireland,” explained Dolores O’Riordan, “it talks about the feelings that you experience when you are truly in love for the first time, and for me it was one of the most therapeutic Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we?“. The male voice that duets with her is that of her then-boyfriend Mike Mahoney, who backs her up on backing vocals.

I’m disappearing from Metallica

OUR disappear was supposed to come out in 1996. Load or up next year Reloadbut then got on the soundtrack mission impossible 2 (2000), directed by John Woo. This is one of the last songs that bassist Jason Newsted recorded with Metallica before leaving the band. This work, even more than the film, owes its popularity to Napster: the band undertook and won a legal battle with the creators after a stolen demo version appeared on a well-known file sharing site.

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Impossible Kanye West

Kanye West wrote a song specifically for Mission Impossible 3 (2006), directed by J. J. Abrams, took refuge in a fully wood-paneled studio in Los Angeles and used excerpts from the 1971 song by New Birth (This is impossible). Among them are Twista, Keyshia Cole and BJ. “My beats are now a completely new art form that takes time. Not like some fast food shit,” West said. Impossible it took me several hours. Fifty hours to be exact.

Isn’t that a blow to the head Dean Martin

Before joining the soundtrack Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) Directed by Brad Bird Isn’t that a blow to the headplayed by Dean Martin was already used in the film. Payback – Porter’s revenge (1999). In the scene where Mel Gibson actually kicks the enemy in the head. The title appears to be taken from the script. someone will come (1958) with Shirley MacLaine, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. The writers of the song (Sammy Kahn and Jimmy Van Heusen) are actually the same as the song. To love and to be lovedwho appears in the film.

Nobody sleeps Giacomo Puccini

It is one of the most popular Italian songs in the Anglo-Saxon world. A version performed by Luciano Pavarotti was used as the theme song for the 1990 World Cup. It is sung in the third act Turandot Puccini is an opera first performed at La Scala in Milan on 25 April 1926 by the Tartar Prince Calaf. IN Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation it is used to further emphasize the tension during a backstage fight scene in a theater. Puccini did not even have time to see the light: he died in November 1924, leaving the work unfinished.

Mission impossibletheme by Lalo Shifrin

“While I was working in Hollywood, my agent called me unexpectedly and said that a film called Mission impossible and the producer wants me to write the music,” says Lalo Schifrin, “they were all in a slight panic: they started late and had to deliver the film to the network in a very short time.” Shifrin receives the script, but given that the film is already in full production, he is also invited to the set. “Soaking up the atmosphere on the pitch helped me a lot in the squad. This is how it should always be.”

Arrival Anu

Anu, who studied in Stoke-on-Trent (UK), said he wrote Arrival in my bedroom at Hanley. “One morning my label calls me and tells me that Tom Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie, director Mission: Impossible – Paying for Death – Part One, they really like my work and they want to include it in the film. At first I thought it was a joke, but then when I saw the film in the cinema and heard it rattle in the hall, I was, to put it mildly, delighted. Anu is originally from Germany and often wears masks in public to maintain anonymity.

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