Mission Impossible – The Wage of Death – Part One Interview with Hayley Atwell

Interview with Hayley Atwell, the new character in Mission: Impossible: The Wage of Death – Part One, in which she drives through the streets of Rome with Tom Cruise. In the hall.

Mission Impossible 7, Hayley Atwell:

Ethan Hunt’s new antagonist in the seventh film of the saga Mission impossible it is very dangerous: he has no body. This time, Tom Cruise’s character will have to fight The Entity, an artificial intelligence that is always ten steps ahead of him. Although it was done a few years ago, Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One he anticipated a fear that is more relevant today than ever.

Mission Impossible: Payback for the Dead Part One 10

Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell Handcuffed

Also in recent actors’ protests against Hollywood producers is a plea for AI protection: We asked Hayley Atwell, a new entrant to the franchise, if she fears being replaced by technology. Mission impossible.

The actress plays Grace, a thief whose life is closely linked to that of Ehtan Hunt. She confidently said:I don’t think it will. I have a lot of confidence in my acting skills and my work ethic that I bring to any type of production. You can’t recreate this with something that isn’t human.“. Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One in theaters July 12

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning – Part One: Interview with Hayley Atwell

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Mission Impossible Rome Chase Scene

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Mission: Impossible – Death Wages Part One, Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell in episode

In this movie, you literally take driving lessons with Ethan Hunt, aka Tom Cruise. How it was?

I worked with Wade Eastwood, our stunt coordinator, for five months before filming. It was a very complete training program: with experts of the highest level. I did drifting, fighting choreography, using knives and pistols. We figured out what my strengths were and developed my skills so that I could do these things with Tom in real locations, which is much more difficult than on set. When we arrived in Rome, I prepared so carefully that we were able to rehearse many times in different ways, with different interpretations. We had the freedom to experiment because we were strict during the training.

“Mission Impossible 7”, McQuarrie: “Tom Cruise knows if a scene is good without seeing it: remember everyone!”

Mission Impossible 7, Hayley Atwell is a thief

About it: in this film you are a thief, you move your hands like a sorceress. And you also speak Italian. Which was harder: speaking Italian or moving your arms like that?

Well, I only say the word “pervert” in Italian! I only had one word to say and that was “perverted”. It was easy to learn. Hand tricks took longer because there are more of them. I worked with a wonderful person who taught me the basics of the craft, and we worked on different ideas on how to pick pockets and stuff things in pockets. About hiding the keys in my hands. Lots of fun ways to show how much she loves these tricks.

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Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell in action scene

This film talks a lot about good and evil. After working on it, do you think humanity deserves to be saved?

Of course, absolutely. Without a doubt. The beauty of this film is that it is full of life: about triumph over adversity, it speaks of the strength of the human spirit, the strength of camaraderie, of sacrifice for the greater good. This is the message of these films. We have to become attached to the characters in order to follow the story. We must love humanity in order to save it.

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