Mission: Mission: Impossible: Iconic Mask Stunts Melt VFX Artists’ Minds: “We Totally Miss Each Other”


The iconic mask illusions from Mission: Impossible impressed the visual effects artists, while the hidden cuts and CGI left audiences in awe. The series is known for its use of masks to disguise characters, and the reveal scenes are particularly memorable and compelling. The latest Mission: Impossible: Death Wages Part One continues to use mask illusions, and fans are wondering what surprises await them in Part 2.

The famous illusion masks from Mission: Impossible capture the imagination of visual effects artists. The film series, which began in 1996, revolves around IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team’s various missions. Having achieved critical and commercial success over the years, the Mission: Impossible franchise has become known for its impressive action scenes and stunts. The films also feature a few unexpected revelations: characters wear masks to disguise themselves as key figures associated with their missions.

In Corridor Crew’s latest edition of VFX Artists React, the band reacted to several mask scenes from Mission: Impossible. In the first episode, in which Hunt assumes the persona of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Mission: Impossible III, they analyzed how the sequence was done in one shot, including its hidden cuts, followed by a scene from Mission: Impossible II in which they praised hidden computer graphics and wondered how it was done. Watch the Corridor Crew’s reaction to the Mission: Impossible mask illusions below, from approximately 0:58 to 5:16:

Come Mission: Impossible continues to use illusions with masks

In the Mission: Impossible franchise, various characters donned masks, but most of the memorable scenes involve revelations. Despite mixed opinions about Mission: Impossible 2, the moment when Hunt takes off the mask of Vladimir Nehorvich (Rade Sherbedzhia) is still convincing even for the Corridor team. As they pointed out in the video above, it probably took a long time to get this effect, and since a physical mask was used, the reveal may look more realistic.

While the use of masks varies by episode, the final chapter of Mission: Impossible continues to use this familiar trick. There are masks in Mission: Impossible – Death Wages Part One, where an early scene shows Hunt infiltrating a high-level meeting and bypassing security by pretending to be someone else. On another occasion, when Cruise’s character hatches a plan, he and Grace (Hayley Atwell) disguise themselves as Don Zola and Alanna Mytsopolis in hopes of getting the key to stopping the Entity.

Previous films have created many situations where characters wear masks, including some posing as Hunt, such as Dougray Scott in Mission: Impossible 2. Interestingly, the effects have evolved over the years as the Mission: Impossible franchise has grown. Being a popular thing, it’s worth wondering if more masked illusions will be added in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two.

Source: Corridor Crew.

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