Mitigation measures for Covid-19 should not promote discrimination


The secretariat of Health called on mexicans to respect the mitigation measures to prevent the rapid spread of Covid-19but without falling into acts of discrimination or xenofobito.

In a press conference, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion regretted that, before the epidemic coronavirus, some people have committed discriminatory actions against health-care personnel for believe that they have contracted the virus.

“All mitigation measures shall be carried out with adherence to human rights, activities of this type of restriction should never be a pretext for discrimination or xenophobia, there has been any phobia irrational in where to personal health has been attacked for being the source of infection, none of these measures should be applied by anyone and much less by the authority under the pretext of violating or restricting human rights”, stressed the official.

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He added that after the completion of the annual National Healthy Distance, the 30 of next April, the ministries of Health, Economy, and Worked and Social security shall issue guidelines for the return to normality is effected in a phased manner.

“Once the suspension of activities, the ministry of Health together with the ministry of Economy and Labour, issued guidelines for a phased return. Mitigation measures community, have social and economic impacts, we would like to close it whole to lessen the infection, but if we do very extreme harm to the society”, stressed the official.

Essential activities do not stop by coronavirus

López-Gatell Ramírez pointed out the essential activities for the country who will not stop during the health emergencybut it should implement measures of a healthy distance to avoid contamination by Covid-19.

“In daily life we are not aware of what we need because what we in fact, foods come to a point of sale, we are protected by public safety, for example, so that there are activities that can not stop, but will need to follow preventive measures so that there are no cases of novel coronavirus”.

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The essential activities are all included in the branch medical, paramedical, administrative and in all the public sector involved in the public safety and defence of the national sovereignty, as well as the legislative activity.

Also, the sectors that involve economic activities among which he highlighted the financial sector, the tax collection, distribution and sale of energy, generation of drinking water, supermarkets, grocery and retail, prepared foods, public transportation and cargo, agricultural production, products, cleaning services, courier services, guards of the private sector, childcare, care centres for women victims of violence, telecommunications, and funeral services.

“In terms of child-care facilities there is a concern that you should stop, but if we have working men and women in the sector is essential, it must give back, the same thing in terms of shelters and care centres for women victims of violence,” he said.

He emphasized that the beneficiaries of social programs are not affected by the day of social distancing, “these supports are not going to cancel, millions of people benefit from and can not stop, we made it clear that when for the entire government, not to the operation of social programs.”

The undersecretary stressed that all sectors considered essential will have to comply with the preventive measures, such as; “not to make congregations of more than 50 people, frequent hand washing, sneeze etiquette, not greeting of a kiss, a hand or hug, measures of healthy distance.”

Finally, he urged the population to comply with the safe harbor house is responsible, and he reiterated the importance of this is strict in particular with people over 60 years of age or with a diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes, immunosuppression or pregnancy, “regardless of whether their activity is considered essential or not.”

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