MLB: Justin Verlander and Kate Upton will donate their salary (VIDEO)


The serpentinero of the Houston Astros, Justin Verlander and his wife, model and actress Kate Uptonadd up to combat coronavirus and support to various charities that are helping people affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton announced via a video on his account of Instagram that add to the combat coronavirus in the united States and will donate his weekly salary to organizations that currently are supporting people who are affected by the pandemic, which already add up to 8, thousand people and 300 thousand infected in the north american country.

“There are many people in need, whether those in the forefront battling it out in front against this disease or someone in house that has been left without employment and need to provide for basic needs, such as food and water. We have decided to donate that salary,” said the thrower of the Stars.

For its part, the model, he mentioned that each week, the couple will choose an organization which is doing good work right now to receive the donation. He also said that he would highlight the organization of their choice each week.

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Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are added to combat coronavirus

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are added to combat coronavirus

On Instagram postearon that currently all around the world are affected by this virus, so with this contribution that Justin and Kate will contribute to the families and the affected jobs, the health care workers and first responders in the first line, and the many others who need basic necessities, medical supplies and support in the home.

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MLB has taken measures to prevent the coronavirus

Last week, Major League Baseball and the players union finalized an agreement that, in part, ensures that players will continue to receive a ground while the sport expected to pass the pandemic coronavirus. The plan includes partial compensation for the players based on service time.