MLB star, 25, recalls Michael Jordan’s rejection despite being rejected 15 years ago, fueling his hunger

Michael Jordan’s name is synonymous with “victory.” He inspired a new generation of NBA players to continually strive for excellence, and his influence transcended the game of basketball. People from around the world draw inspiration from the incredible journey of Michael Jordan. As the world’s first athlete billionaire, he inspired many professional athletes from different sports.

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In a recent podcast interview, the 25-year-old MLB star recalled MJ’s rejection 15 years ago, which only added fuel to his fire.

Michael Jordan’s ‘cold’ rejection


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MLB star Jazz Chisholm, 25, talks about meeting Chicago Bulls legend for the first time in interview “Bleacher Report“. The “Miami Marlins” star said: “Michael Jordan famously played a soft-ball game at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. My stepdad was one of the umpires for this game, so I got to leave, and my whole Little League team was there.“.

He continued, “I saw Jordan sneaking out from the back, so I asked him for his autograph. He turned around and said: “I want your autograph someday, kid” and walked away.“. The 25-year-old further said: “That’s why I want to be a Jordan athlete so much. I wanted to tell him because I’m a Jordan athlete now and he has my autograph.“.

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The MLB star was only 10 years old at the time, but it certainly inspired him to become a professional baseball player. Jazz Chisholm was selected to the Miami Marlins in 2020 and is currently in the third year of his MLB career. Michael Jordan’s inspiring words to young Jazz Chisholm speak volumes about Jordan’s mindset throughout his life.

This isn’t the first time Michael Jordan’s words have inspired professional athletes. He once expressed “tough love” to an iconic Lakers legend who went on to win multiple NBA championships.

When Jordan inspired a legendary NBA Hall of Famer

Jordan played his final season in the NBA (2003) with the Washington Wizards. In one of the most memorable moments in the NBA, Michael Jordan had this to say to a young Kobe Bryant after the Black Mamba lost a game wearing the Jordan 7: “You can fill the shoes, but you can never fill them.“.


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That inspired the Black Mamba to erupt in a 55-point performance over “His Flyers” the next time they met in the 2023 NBA regular season. Michael Jordan’s NBA journey is a blueprint for any aspiring professional athlete.

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His iconic NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s inspired an entire generation of basketball players to “fly” with seemingly impossible dreams. His record of winning 6 out of 6 NBA Finals MVPs remains undefeated in the modern NBA to this day.


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