MLS 2023-2024: Can Tom Brady keep Wayne Rooney out of MLS?

andformer football player and football legend Manchester United, wayne rooneymay consider returning to England with the help of birmingham cityas well as his friends and minority owners of the team, tom bradyplay an important role in this possible move.

RooneyThe current manager of Major League Soccer’s D.C. United side is interested in the projects being developed by the club’s new management. birmingham city In England’s second division, it is known as championship. Rooney is considered a global figure in world football and can attract big-name players to join the club in its ambitions to lead Birmingham City back to the top. Super League in the near future.

tom bradyThe winner of seven Super Bowl rings and one of the NFL’s all-time greats, he has been in contact with Looney and would support the possible move.It is believed that Rooney If the right opportunity arose, I would love to return to the UK.

join in birmingham city Rooney and his family can also return to their luxurious Cheshire mansion worth more than $20 million after completing their tour of the United States.

he birmingham citycurrently directed by John EustaceMade a good start in the standings, occupying fourth place in the standings with three wins and two draws.

wayne rooney Had plans to coach another English club after coaching Washington United In Major League Soccer. With his contract set to expire in December, he now appears frustrated with the lack of communication with US club owners over a new deal.

Rooney frustrated by lack of communication from current club

In a recent statement, Rooney He expressed disappointment at the lack of response and communication from the club regarding his future and stressed the need to properly plan for next season.

“I am a bit disappointed and frustrated because there has been no contact for two months. We asked for a new agreement. We could sit down and talk, but we did not receive a reply. We asked to sit down and talk because “it is necessary to continue to work out the plans for next season. The plan, it’s frustrating because either way, I want to know what the plan is because we have to plan for next season. We need to do it sooner rather than later. “

Therefore, he may return to England hand in hand tom brady The game against Birmingham City could mark a new chapter in his career as a coach and football figure.

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