Mobile Phone-Sales Of Huawei Is Predicted To Fall Two Places This Year?

191 – As the began to be applied in may 2019, blacklist the US government via the Huawei is not relative to the influence of the Empire against the seller of the mobile phone companies in China.

But this year, a different story could be. Current news emerged that Huawei is projecting sales of mobile phones fell by up to 20 per cent from 240 million units in the year 2019 to make 190-200 million units in the year 2020.

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The black list of the United States make it difficult for the Huawei as Provider so no partnerships with companies from the country of Uncle Sam, including Google. As a result, the mobile phone can not use Huawei start to the series Mate-30, a variety of services and Google apps like the Play Store.

Candidates Flagship smartphone The future of Huawei was not able to use, P40, probably, Google apps and services, so that it sales in the regions outside of China is threatened, as in Europe.

As an alternative to the Play Store compiled KompasTekno from EngadgetOn Monday (9/3/2020), Huawei sets its own app store, the App gallery.

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Together with two Chinese manufacturer of other, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, Huawei a is also working on Platform app store smartphone Android competitors the Google Play Store.

Platform app store online was named the global developer services Alliance (GDSA), and according to reports, the operation in March, began this.

Not only that, Huawei is also reportedly preparing a search engine competitor to Google and a map as an alternative to Google Maps. However, it is still unclear whether the steps Huawei is to increase the sales of the phone or not.