Mobile price, iPhone 11 series Ride, iPhone 11 Pro-Max Reached Almost Rp 30 million.


TRIBUNJATENG.COM SEMARANG – The number of mobile phones of different brands has recently rising prices together with the weakening of the rupiah against the US dollar.

Also the iPhone.

Wahfa Romario, the employee in the story-I explained to Paragon Semarang, the rise in prices, especially on mobile phones-mobile phone the latest iPhone 11 series.

The increase applies to all products iPhone 11 series.

“The price of the iPhone increases since March 20, 2020. This is one of them because of the many requests,” he said on Tuesday (24/3/2020).

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Physical behind-the-iPhone-11 series.
Physical behind-the-iPhone-11 series. (Tribun Jateng/Idayatul Rohmah)

Here is a list of prizes ranging from iPhone, 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Price iPhone 11 Pro-Max is almost Rp 30 million.

iPhone 11 variant (s) with 64 GB, which is originally priced at Rp 12.999.000 now strengthened to Rp 13.499.000.

iPhone 11, a version with 128 GB, which is originally priced at Rp 14.199.000 now strengthened to Rp 15.499.000.

iPhone 11 variant (s) 256 GB banderolan Rp 16.199.000 rose to Rp 17.499.000.

iPhone 11 Pro variant with 64 GB banderolan Rp 18.499.000 rose to Rp 19.999.000.